Friday, November 30, 2012

Connections for Mary's Mixed Bag

Today, at Mary's Mixed Bag for the online writers' group Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, Mary has asked us to explore "connections"! Wow, a word with so many meanings and connotations! The mind boggles.

Mary suggested examining how we are connected with families, friends and others (that would take forever) or the myriad ways people connect with one another in the 21st or any previous century.

The options and opportunities are almost endless.

I read what Mary had to say, and decided it all sounded entirely too overwhelming for my stuffed-up head to take in, never mind to give out in the form of poetry.

However, as happens with my brain altogether too often, and never with my permission or my conscious participation, the first two lines of the following nonsense leapt into my mind (unbidden, as I said).


So I had to run with it (more like crawl with it, thanks to my general achiness) and you can comment or not, as you like.

Meanwhile (and I've already explained this to Mary) I may not be able to comment on others' submissions atallatall because this bit of doggerel took today's entire ration of strength and left me panting, wheezing, and yearning for a nap.

Soon, friends and fellow Toads...soon I'll be commenting, and then you'll be sorry ...pleased.

Are We Missing Something?

is there a connection ’tween ark and dark?
or twill and will and billing?
how many fens can you buy for a pfennig?
(assuming the seller is willing)

what about human and humane?
well, that one should be easy,
but is it? I think not, sometimes not at all
when easy and breezy’s just sleazy
Kay L. Davies, 2012


Mary said...

I do hope there is a connection between human and humane. Feel better soon, Kay.

aprille said...

Why does shoveling as in snow not connect to noveling as in nanowrimo, which again links up with groveling.
You have been feeling below par for far too long. Let's hope it's over soon and you're back to traveling the world on line and off, with of without lexicon connections.

Kim Nelson said...

I hope you soon feel better, Kay. Thanks for sharing!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Wow, that is an impressive ode for someone so ill. Way to go, kiddo. Do huddle under the fluffiest blanket you can find and rest - hope you feel better soon.

Fireblossom said...

The sniffles haven't doused your sense of fun, Kay.

Helen said...

Love it ... my kind of kooky poem!

Susan said...

Let it flow
when you are feeling low
so that all you know
begins to show
and it is your own mind you will blow!

I wish you weren't sick for so long so often. Please take care of yourself!

Kay L. Davies said...

Susan —
With a few chronic complaints of long standing, I've just about forgotten what t was like to feel good, but as long as I put one foot in front of the other, I'm okay.
Thanks for the well wishes.

Gattina said...

With the sun burning on my head the whole day and affecting my brain, this is too complicated for me right now, lol!

kaykuala said...

Being under the weather is one thing. But facing up to it is quite another. Feeling good in the face of adversity is a measure of courage. Wishing you well, Kay!


Hannah Pratt said...

So many words describe how I'm feeling about the seemingly easy answer about humanity when the easy otherwise lighthearted is just unfortunately less than pure.

Patsy said...

English can seem illogical! Nice poem though - made me smile.

Marian said...

i love it. get better!

Ella said...

I love your play on words and the ending made me laugh! Even when you aren't well, you are funny~
Take Care and do get better
Vitamin D helps the immune system and drink lots of tea ;D

Susie Clevenger said...

Love the wordplay...I have been writing under the influence of a stuffed up nose fun. Get well soon!