Saturday, November 17, 2012

Weekend Reflections on the River Rhine

Richard Schear photo, November, 2012

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Weekend Reflections
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Thanks, James!


Gattina said...

Ah ! the Rhine ! The little I spent in Germany was at the Rhine, I know it so well, I even swam in there when I was a child ! At that time it was clean !

'Tsuki said...

The reflection of the sunset on the windows of that buildong is really magnificent.

Powell River Books said...

I see you are out and about again. Have a great trip. - Margy

Mad Kane said...

Wonderful photo!

Madeleine Begun Kane

Susan said...

Kay! Where are you and when will you be back? Are you traveling around the world and taking marvelous photographs somewhere that is real? Careful, you may never again be satisfied with imaginary gardens.

Audrey said...

joli,bravo !