Thursday, November 14, 2013

R is for Roamin' in the gloamin'

When the sun has gone tae rest,
That's the time that we love best,
Oh, it's lovely roamin' in the gloamin'

Written by that imaginative Scottish bard, Sir Harry Lauder.

Hoot mon, kin ye no rrroll yer RRRs?
If ye cannot, ye're no a Scot. 

Posted for the letter R
at ABC Wednesday
started by Denise Nesbitt,
capably administered by
Roger O. Green, and
hosted this week by our dear friend Wil
(Reader Wil) of the Netherlands.
Thanks, team!


Joyful said...

Ha, ha...loved this. Scots accents are sometimes beyond me. I love em all the same. But I cannae rrolll me rrr's.

Reader Wil said...

Lovely post Kay! BTW I can rrroll my RRR's very well, but I am not a Scot, any Dutchie can.
Have a great week!
Wil, ABCW Team.

Roger Owen Green said...

I happen to RRRRROLL my RRRs quite well, thank you.


Leslie: said...

Aye kin rrrrrroll me RRRRR's quite well...I should since I'm 1/4 Scottish! We do celebrate Robbie Burns Day in January, too.

abcw team

Anonymous said...

lovely post for RRR theme :)

Yamini MacLean said...

Perrrrfect!! YAM xx

Kay said...

This was a fun post, Kay, but I had to look up what gloamin meant. It's the first time I've heard it. Twilight, hunh?

Phil Slade said...

I live not far away kay but even I can't always follow a Glaswegian's rockin' and rollin1.