Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Q is for La Belle Provence, Quebec

 I took these photos on my 2010 solo trip across Canada by train, a trip my mother and I talked about for many years, but we never did get a chance to go together before she died.
The last time I mentioned it, she sounded very enthusiastic, but phoned me back to say she didn't think she was up to it any more.

Although I wished Mom had been  able to do the trip with me, I went on my own from Edmonton to Cape Breton Island, thinking of her all the way.

I loved seeing so much of my country. After visiting a friend in Toronto, Ontario, I enjoyed the stately grace and beauty of Québec's largest city, Montreal.
Yes, Q is
for Québec.

Montreal contrasts sharply with the rugged, romantic coast of the Gaspé Peninsula, my second Québec destination. I arrived by train but rented a car for some up-close and personal time with the glorious scenery.

I was thrilled to see the thousands of seabirds, particularly the Gannets, nesting on the rocky islands offshore.  

The small towns of the Gaspé Peninsula are full of bright colours, good food, and interesting things to see and do. 

Photos by Kay Davies
June, 2010

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Leslie: said...

What a lovely post! We saw a bit of Montreal when we lived in Ottawa, but when we passed through Quebec City, I liked it much better. The old part of the city has so much history. I still would love to see the Gaspe, though.

abcw team

Roger Owen Green said...

Haven't been to Quebec since 1992! Should fix that.
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

RedPat said...

I've never done the Gaspe but I think I should after seeing your pics!

Joy said...

What a marvellous trip by train, sad that your mother did not manage to make it but at least you carried her with you in your heart. The Gaspé Peninsula makes a wonderful end, beautiful.

Hildred said...

Beautiful pictures, Kay. It is a lovely province.

Alices Wonderland said...

A long train trip. What a great idea. Such a great idea.

ChrisJ said...

I would really like to visit the Gaspe Peninsula. It reminds me very much of where I grew up.

Joyful said...

Hi Kay, I'm so glad you made the train trip in honour of your shared dream with your mother. This is quite similar to the trip I took in June. However when I was in the Gaspe, it was foggy. You look like you had sunny weather :-)

Cezar and Léia said...

Dreamy place!I hope to have the opportunity to visit there someday, it's in my list here! :)
Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures!

Gattina said...

It looks very pretty ! A friend of my son had been sent from Brussels to Montreal by his company, together with his family. First they didn't want to stay, now they don't want to come back and that is 8 years ago, lol !

Powell River Books said...

What interesting architecture with the stacked units. Not sure I'd like it in earthquake country. I'm so lucky Mom let me drag her back and forth to Powell River, even in the last year. She was quite a trooper. - Margy

photowannabe said...

Such a lovely post and an amazing City. Thank you for sharing it with us.
I'm sorry your Mom wasn't able to make the trip but this is a wonderful memorial.

jeannettestgermain said...

Haven't been in Canada yet. Happy for you decided to do this for you and your mother. Can imagine that you thought of your mother while you saw the sites she would have enjoyed too!

Mara said...

Beautiful shots of Quebec. It would actually have been an other option if I had chosen it. Since I do speak French, it would have been a plus on my points thingy. Unfortunately I still wouldn't have enough points, so Norway it was to be!

Phil Slade said...

You have some lovely photos of Quebec Kay. Lovely memories too. We have friends in Quebec who used to live two doors away here in Lancashire. Now we don't see them, omly via Facebook.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

Fun trip, I'm glad you went after all.
It's a lovely province.

Frostbite and Sunburn said...

Gorgeous photos. You make me want to jump on that train right now! Quebec is definitely on my "list". Thanks for sharing and "cheers" to you mum too, who I am sure would have been pleased you went Kay.