Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mini-micro-fiction for Monday at Grandma's

"How low can you go?" asks Grandma for the weekly Succinctly Yours challenge at her blog, Grandma's Goulash.
Picture provided as prompt
This photo was provided to prompt our creative endeavours, and the word of the week has been revealed to be aptitude.
Participants are given a choice: write a short story of 140 words or less, or a short-short story of 140 characters or less (including spaces and punctuation). There are no extra points for using the word of the week. As a matter of  fact, there are no points for anything at all, "but each for the joy of the working..." etc.

My effort consists of 134 characters, including spaces, punctuation, and the word of the week.

The men were glad at least one woman had come along. The dogs were only interested in the fish, and had no aptitude for doing laundry.


Tammy said...

Very cute, Kay. I'm impressed you noticed all those details, let alone captured them in micro fiction!

Pat said...

Maybe the dogs can hunt...since they can't help with the laundry. Also there is that unconditional love thing that dogs have, too. Cute one, Kay, and nice use of the wotw.

Jo said...

That's amazing observation! (((Hugs))) Jo

Fran said...

Fabulous! Entry for the Feminist Movement's Literary Prize!!!! xxx

Leslie said...

hahaha, i always love your micro-short stories :)

John (@bookdreamer) said...

So true

Jim said...