Friday, November 8, 2013

My oh my, what's that in the sky?

Skywatch Friday

Dick and Lindy were out walking a few days ago, and saw this adventurer in the sky. At first, he was getting rather close to the wires.

But with the aid of an engine contraption that reminds me of boats in the Florida everglades, he got up above the trees, closer to the clouds.

Dick could hear the sound of the engine as the machine flew overhead, and then disappeared off into the wild blue yonder.

Richard Schear photos, 2013


RedPat said...

What a sight that must have been for them!

Bill Nicholls said...

Para gliding, love to try that.

Anonymous said...

Great view in the sky you caught (and you can stop worrying now:):) ) Happy SWF!

Joyful said...

Great photos. I bet it is cold up flying up there at this time of year. Have you had any snow yet? After a terrible September, we made up for it in October. Now we are having seasonal weather ;-) Have a great weekend Kay. Hugs. xx

Powell River Books said...

One time, Wayne and I went out to a fly-in at Mojave Airport in California. There are lots of homebuilts out there in the uncontrolled airspace. One of the "airplanes" was a guy with an engine strapped to his back and a rigid hang glider. He started the engine, ran like hell, and just before he got airborne, he tripped and fell on his face, engine running. Now that was scary! - Margy