Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sara Teasdale, for August at Real Toads

Today Kerry introduced members of the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads to the poet Sara Teasdale, who was born August 8, 1884. Considered a "lightweight" by many serious poetry critics, she wrote lovely verses about many topics that inspired her.
Poets at the Garden have been asked to write something inspired by Teasdale's work. I have chosen her poem The Flight, about which there appears to be some controversy online, as I've seen two different versions of it.
I have chosen to think of it as the flight of a pair of bald eagles, those magnificent birds so recently removed from the endangered species list. The very talented Vancouver photographer Christian Sasse has shared many of his eagle photos on Facebook via the Hancock Wildlife Foundation (and some he's shared himself) but although Christian's photos are indeed spectacular, I've chosen two from Wikimedia Commons to accompany:

The Second Flight

the eagle calls
to his mate.
she responds
but continues
to fish.
the eagle calls
once more
"come, we must fly!"

Photos from
Wikimedia Commons

his mate
again responds,
yet remains
where she is.
the eagle calls
to his mate
who finally replies
(are you ready for this?)
"my flight is late"

Apologies to Kerry, to the Imaginary Garden, and to the memory of Sara Teasdale, from Kay Davies (another lightweight in the poetry department).

Most of you know I seldom write serious poetry and I wasn't ready to begin today. However, I take wildlife protection seriously, as well as the memory of our late friend Richard Pitt, who was instrumental in getting the streaming video cameras up the trees and operating for the Hancock Wildlife Foundation, headquartered near my home town of White Rock, BC.
David Hancock also published my father's third book, a guide to catching fish in the rivers of British Columbia. Like the eagles, my dad lived to fish. Like many other sport fishermen, he was also an avid conservationist.


Lolamouse said...

I adore your humor, Kay. Sometimes a light hand delivers the message better!

Kay said...

Me too! I love the wonderful humor you entertain us with, Kay.

Jo said...

I love it too, Kay! And like you, I take conservation very seriously (which is quite a challenge in Africa!) What a magnificent bird that Bald Eagle is. So like our African Fish Eagle who also calls constantly to its mate. Have a great weekend. (((Hugs))) Jo

Kerry O'Connor said...

Such magnificent birds could only be an inspiration to a poet.

Heaven said...

Love the pictures Kay ~ Your post gave me a smile this morning, love that response by the eagle's mate ~

Marcoantonio Arellano said...

I echo what Lolamouse Kay said but I would also like to thank you for using a beautiful prompt pic of the species with which I'm most connected. I wear an eagle pendant around my neck on a gold chain and have a large oil painting of a soaring eagle hanging on my family room wall.

Gracias for portraying my spiritual ancestor the Bald Eagle.
I was born in Mexico City, Mexico and am of Aztec/Toltec ancestry.


Fireblossom said...


Hannah said...

Thank you for the wonderful images...poetic smile and your notes, Kay...I always enjoy visiting you! :)

hedgewitch said...

This made me smile, Kay. I also enjoyed the link to the Hancock Foundation, where I spent fifteen minutes reading about the rehab of a young eaglet fallen from an electric tower...fascinating, and so good to know that people are engaged in this rescue and release sort of thing for the raptors, which have to be very difficult to manage. Kudos to them--and I agree, most real outdoors-people I have met are by default, conservationists--contrary to the stereotype.

Ella said...

I love the photos and your passion of wit! Clever Kay-as always ;D

Marian said...

my flight is late! i hate that!

Anonymous said...

Kay... Kay... what are we going to do with you?

I know, LAUGH!! That last line was (pardon me for the bird ref) a hoot. You always make me smile, and for that I thank you. Peace, Amy

Susan said...

My flight is Late! Cackle snort!