Thursday, July 25, 2013

Watching the sky out my window

Photos by Kay Davies, July, 2013

Lindy, on her window seat,
snoozes through all
the excitement.
In the middle of summer the sunset here is in the southwest, which is the direction I'm facing when I turn in my computer chair to look out Lindy's window, the one where she has her window seat.
Earlier this week, I grabbed my camera and went out our north door, calling to my husband to bring his camera, too.
I don't have his photos yet, but here are some of mine, not as sharply clear as his would be, but showing the light around the darker clouds, and the peach/apricot pink and yellow of the sunset.

Posted for Skywatch Friday


Lew said...

Love the sky when the clouds light up like that!

Jo said...

Oh what a lovely view from your and Lindy's seats. Shadow also has his :own" window where he sits on the top of the armchair nearby and watches the sunbirds at the feeder outside! (((Hugs))) Jo

Kay said...

That's a beautiful sky, Kay. Aren't Fridays coming around faster and faster these days?

Mara said...

I can't even see the sky over here right now. All of a sudden the lovely weather was pushed aside by a lot of fog rolling in off the sea!

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
WOW - these clouds remind me of 'mother of pearl'! There are literally some silver linings in that top one. You did good lady &*> xx

kaykuala said...

The silver lining peeking from behind the clouds gives a fantastic effect. Lucky you Kay having such a scenery by just looking out! Thanks for sharing!