Saturday, July 20, 2013

How old am I?

Photo by Richard Schear at Skaha Lake, BC

"Hey, Mom, you know my friend Bozo in India?"
"Yes, of course I do, Lindy. Why?"
"Today he says he is ten years old."
"Well, ten is a good age, yes."
"So how old am I?"
"I don't really know how old you are, Lindy. You were a big girl when we adopted you, and we think you're eight years old, but you might be ten, the same as Bozo. Why?"
"Well, will you please tell Dad I'm too old to start swimming?"

Photo by Kay Davies at Okanagan Lake, BC

Posted for
Pet Pride
hosted by Lindy's friend Bozo and his family
at their Pets Forever blog in Mumbai, India.
Lindy says, "Happy Birthday, Bozo. I hope you got lots of dog cookies. My mom and dad celebrate my birthday in September, because that's when I came to live with them, but they don't know if I'm eight or ten or something else."


Joyful said...

Sweet post :-) Happy birthday, Lindy!

Kay L. Davies said...

@ Joyful — Thanks, Penny. The best thing about Lindy is that her birthday can be any day, as we really have no idea when she was born. We're just glad it happened, because she's such a darlin' dog.

magiceye said...

You are ageless Lindy!! You never age!


Mara said...

I saw lots and lots of big and small dogs climbing a big mountain here in Norway yesterday! They loved it! And I think they would have loved swimming in a little lake we passed along the way, since it was very very warm and tiring walking up that mountain!

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

How wonderful not to know or care how old you are!
Daisy & Dorah we think were born in August, but we're not sure!

Kay said...

She's still as cute as a puppy.