Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Some things shouldn't be illegal

I never intended to get political on this blog, but I'm getting so tired of signing petitions and saying nothing. 

Please read this and follow your conscience. You don't have to tell me what you think about it or what you do about it. It is only important to me that I let it be known what I think. I was raised to believe people are not only equal, but are of equal value, wherever they are, whoever they are (with a few specific exceptions like Adolf Hitler and some no-talent musicians, but we should give the musicians a chance to improve).

The following words are not mine, but come from a message I received from

The tragic death of Eric Lembembe shows the most brutal consequences of criminalising love in Cameroon. Anti-gay vigilantes believe they can get away with murder.

An immediate investigation led by the highest level of the government will show that this will no longer be tolerated. A global outcry will force President Biya to call his police force to order and find Eric's killer.

This January, President Biya stated that "minds in the country are evolving" about lesbian, gay, bi, and trans people. Following the lead of organisations like Human Rights Watch, we're calling on President Biya to stand by his words and guarantee that the perpetrators of this horrific crime are brought to justice while publicly denouncing this brutal attack.

Eric Lembembe was a leader of Cameroon's gay rights movement. He was found dead in his own home on July 15, having been brutally murdered.

It's illegal to be gay in Cameroon, and anti-gay vigilantes use these completely outdated laws to act without fear of being caught. Beatings and murders often go unnoticed, uninvestigated and unpunished by a police force who don't care.

Yes, Cameroon's President, Paul Biya, said minds are evolving in his country but he can do more — and he must do more to stop these brutal killings. Will you join the international outcry to demand Paul Biya speaks out against vigilante killings and ensures a thorough investigation and fair trial?

(I've already signed on.)


Mama Zen said...

Just how much evolution is necessary to stop killing each other? Tragic.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

I am so political. Terrible the Zimmerman trial in the US.
I've been discussing it with a strange man.
Cheers from Cottage Country!
I just don't get it.