Friday, January 18, 2013

Well, well, for Weekend Reflections

Photos by Richard Schear, November, 2012
It was a dull, cloudy, rather foggy day (right) when we visited Bratislava, Slovakia, on our recent Grand European Tour with Viking River Cruises.
However, the weather conditions did not interfere with my intrepid photographer's ability to catch his own reflection at the bottom of an ancient well (below) on the grounds of Bratislava Castle.
In the first photo, the  Bridge of the Slovak National Uprising can be seen as a gloomy reflection in the Danube River.

Posted for Weekend Reflections


Audrey said...

Impressionnant Oo

bon w end ;o)

Sylvia K said...

Great reflection for the day and certainly not the usual! Hope you have a good weekend, Kay!

'Tsuki said...

I just love the second one, the shot with the grilled well... Very impressive !

Carol L McKenna said...

How delightful that you captured your own reflection ~ Wonderful photography ~ !

(A Creative Harbor) ^_^

Gemma Wiseman said...

That well looks like a long long long way down! Incredible to get a reflection from that height! Your cruise sounds like a magical tour!

Lew said...

That is a deep reflection! Glad you survied your trip and delayed flight!

James said...

Nice! What cool and unexpected place to find a reflection! We are going to be in this area next month (Vienna and Budapest) and we have been thinking about a possible day trip to Bratislava.

Are you still going to Venice in March?