Friday, July 13, 2012

Weekend Reflections: do you see what I see?

Photo by Kay Davies, July, 2012

It was a sunny but blustery day on Pender Island, in British Columbia's Gulf Islands, earlier this month, so if a certain young lady wanted to be outside looking for whales (none were seen while Auntie Kay was there) she had to bundle up in a blanket to avoid the wind. She is reflected somewhere in the glass railing, along with the barbecue and a few other deck items. The photo shows a bit of blown brown hair, and Auntie Kay even managed to find one eye peeking out from the blanket, by looking in just the right part of the reflection.

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Kay said...

That looks like such a lovely place to be even though you weren't able to spot any whales. I can feel the coziness of the blanket.

Jo said...

Very good reflections! Thanks for your visits and comments on my blog. Yes, Shadow seems to always be in more photos than the other two! The cats are very safe outside as long as mum is with them. Ambrose did scale the fence this week and I just managed to catch him before he fell over the top into the outer garden. Now I leave him inside the house while Ginger, Shadow and I enjoy the sunshine. Later when Grant gets home, we all go outside. Marnitz (the young production manager) lives in a cottage about ten steps from my back door. So his house is enclosed in the shamba too and he acts as an extra kitty sitter when we're taking the air! How is darling Lindy? Please give her a pat from me and purrs from the cats while not forgetting yourself. Have a wonderful weekend. (((hugs))) Jo

Sylvia K said...

Great reflections, Kay, and a wonderful capture for the day! I love the texture of the blanket! Have a lovely weekend!

Dianne said...

well done Auntie Kay :)

kaykuala said...

What people do sometimes can be fun to observe! Thanks for sharing Kay!


Gattina said...

What an original shot, lol !
We are leaving now for Amsterdam to see the little family. Unfortunately it's cold (15°) and of course it rains !

Ella said...

Fun photo on a blustery day!
She braved the elements in hopes of a sighting.
And you captured her, so cute ; )
You are a fun aunt

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Sweet! Sorry you missed the whales, but what a fun place to spend time with family.