Tuesday, July 10, 2012

For Real Toads: Gemma's photos

I was very pleased to see photos from Australian photographer-poet Gemma Wiseman featured on Sunday's challenge for the online writers' group Imaginary Garden with Real Toads.
I have admired Gemma's work for a long time, and have chosen one of her photos for my inspiration today. I cropped it a tiny bit, Gemma, and hope you don't mind. Thanks for sharing your work at Real Toads.
Photo by Gemma Wiseman
every time the rain came,
with it came the mask,
hanging by her window,
uninvited and unasked

she closed the blinds,
she drew the drapes,
turned off the lights, but
there was no escape.

the mask came back
and came again
every time, the rain came.


Kay L. Davies said...

Just found another problem with The New Blogger. I accidentally hit "delete" on after reading several comments, and it no longer asks "are you sure you want to do this?" so it just happened.
Mea culpa, everyone. Thank you for commenting. I do appreciate it.

Kerry O'Connor said...

I hate the new blogger interface and have no idea why these sites continually feel the need to fix what isn't broken... ah well.

The direction you took with this poem was unexpected and I found the whole idea quite thrillingly poetic. You have suggested some deep psychology at work here which is very intriguing.