Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cupboard love, "C" for ABC Wednesday

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"Cupboard love" is an English phrase referring to affection that is given purely to gain a reward.
The term derives from the way in which a cat will give the cupboard, which contains its food, superficial "love" (which is not normally exhibited) when it wants to be fed.
The phrase is most often applied to human activity, for example when a child will say "I love you so much" before or after requesting a treat, such as an ice cream.

Our dog Lindy is particularly affectionate when she wants to be fed. This can be quite charming, because an affectionate Lindy is a joy to behold. However, she wants to be fed all the time!

This month I have turned the phrase "Cupboard love" into an obsession with cupboards.
My husband has let me talk to cabinetmakers, and look at sample cabinets, and do online research, and he even holds one end of the measuring tape when I want to check, double-check, and re-check our kitchen.
We have a little old house, with a little old kitchen. It was such a cute little place I didn't even notice there were only two drawers in the kitchen, but I noticed as soon as I moved in. My husband was conveniently out of town on business when the move took place, but my best friend Judith came out from her home on an island off the coast of British Columbia, to help me settle in. Over the course of a very long friendship, she has moved my things so many times she says she could do it with her eyes closed.
Fortunately for Judith, she has escaped to an island much farther away (Great Britain) and my husband is still hoping to be out of town on business if and when this kitchen reno takes place, so the dog and I will be left on our own to supervise the process.

I often think of Denise Nesbitt and her husband, who also live in Britain, and who have just gone through the kitchen renovation process together, so I thought this would be an appropriate topic for the letter "C" in Mrs. Nesbitt's longstanding meme,
ABC Wednesday.


photowannabe said...

I do hope you can get the reno and cupboards you need and want. its always fun to have a fresh start.
I never heard the cupboard love term before but it makes a lot of sense.

aka Penelope said...

Oh, this is an exciting turn of events … a reno is in the works! I’ve known homes newer than yours that also have only two drawers. This is ridiculous, indeed, when life obviously requires so many more places to stash the kitchen utensils. Hope we all get to see this unfold on your blog. :)

Gigi Ann said...

Renovations are fun, but also a hassle. But, OH, so nice when finished... I hope you find the kitchen of your dreams.

Jane and Chris said...

Ooooh, I do hope we get to drool over the pictures!
Jane x

anthonynorth said...

Quite a task, a new kitchen. Nice cupboards.

Friko said...

I love my big kitchen and scullery, but both could most certainly do with reno. Not that they'll get it, I can't face the upheaval.

Leslie: said...

I have wanted to reno my kitchen for many years already, but something else more important always comes up - like the new furance we just put in. So the cupboards will have to wait again. I look forward to seeing your new kitchen!

abcw team

Susie Clevenger said...

I hope the kitchen redo will come soon and you find the perfect cabinets...I went from a kitchen that was nothing but cabinets to one that doesn't have nearly enough...sigh. The only plus I did get rid of so much stuff I didn't really need.

Joy said...

The choosing, planning and the result are the best parts. You will then be able to open drawers to your hearts content.

Roger Owen Green said...

Those top cupboards look incredibly like ours. Totally inadequate for our needs. The kitchen's needed a redo since we moved in 11 years ago, but won't happen soon.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

magiceye said...

lovely take on the theme..
learnt about 'cupboard love' here thanks

Carver said...

I had never heard of cupboard love before. Good luck with your new cabinets. I got all new cabinets in my kitchen in 1992 but that's the problem with staying in the same house so long. All my "new" stuff has gotten old. Carver, ABC Wednesday team

Island Rambles Blog said...

I love the idea of cupboard love as our visiting cat gives her food cuboard so much love and rubs...hope that kitchen reno goes well. thanks for the visit.

chubskulit said...

I'd pick that last one. Never knew about cupboard love till now hehehe.

Crystal Palace & Carousel

Chubskulit, ABC Wednesday Team

Linnea said...

I did the kitchen reno several years ago. Had to eat and cook out of the least it was summertime. We ate a lot of Subway sandwiches that summer. Good luck!

Fran said...

Having a new kitchen installed is always a good excuse to get rid of another C for a while - Cooking!!!!! I like the top picture xxxx

Gattina said...

I learn every day ! I didn't know this expression !
I remember well Denise's kitchen renovation especially the stories of her "range" cooker, lol ! That must be something typcal british, because I had never seen such a thing before !

jabblog said...

How exciting, Kay. Redesigning a kitchen is great fun but the actual process of renovation can be something of a pain. I wish I could send you my son-in-law - he does a fantastic job both with kitchens and bathrooms and he's a very considerate workman. He always has lots of suggestions because he sees things that most of us don't realise - that's to say he sees the mistakes that have been made!!
Good luck - I'd make sure Richard is around, if I were you;-)

Yes, you're right about Bertie - he's much taller than Jenna, which isn't difficult, but also taller than Gus and nearly up to Frodo's height. It will be interesting to see how big he will be eventually.

Other Mary said...

Cupboard love is a new phrase to me. Thanks for that. lol, good luck with your kitchen reno. While we went through ours I think my husband might tell you I wasn't very loving O.o oh, it's a big mess. Good luck!

Ebie said...

With me having so much cooking gadgets and what nots, I need more than two drawers.

Renovation is a hastle, but I like changes.

Nice makeover. You are lucky to have Judith!

Debbie Smith said...

Well you just learn something new everyday! I have never heard of this phrase.
You know I will be using it now!!

Hope all is well! I now am taking shots of B-12 per my oncologist. Man I thought I was DONE with needles!!!

Love ya!

Mara said...

I hope you do get the new kitchen you want. But if he needs a big stove and you want plenty of counterspace and two sinks, wouldn't it be easier to build a whole new kitchen out in the yard?

Hildred and Charles said...

Cupboard love, - that's the kind I get from Callie, our Cat, but her love for Charles has something to do with Cuddling on his lap at nap time..

Lew said...

Good luck with your hunt for new cabinets! There certainy are lots of choices. We are embarking on the same adventure to replace our 40 year old cabinets. Marianne has also been searching the web (she likes We tentatively selected a style and color and the cabinet lady was here today to take measurements. I will be posting pictures when work begins. One of our cats does the "ankle love" when she is hungry. The male just sits by his bowl.