Monday, January 16, 2012

Succinctly yours: woman on bench

Each week, a photo is posted on the blog Grandma's Goulash, and writer-bloggers are invited to write a short story about it in 140 words or less, or a short-short item of 140 characters or less, including spaces and punctuation.
I'm running late  this week but I'm going to try for the 140-character option.
Here are my three submissions:


The woman sat, dreaming happily after her lunch. Little did she know the park police were coming, to make her their first littering arrest.
139 characters
The park policeman radioed: "We've got a litterer, Sarge, on the left: sunglasses and conflicting stripes. Should we bring her in now?"
136 characters
Her husband approached and said, "Quick, pick up those papers. Don't you know the new litter law starts today and I'm the crown prosecutor?"
140 characters
Each one a mini-story on its own, or read all three in a row for a maxi-mini story with a mere 70 words, half the suggested number.
However, the word of the week, chosen by Grandma's daughter Calico before she has seen the photo, is "dream" and I've used "dreaming" instead. Succinct, yes. Perfect, no. But it is almost midnight. G'night, folks!


Grandma's Goulash said...

I'm so glad that you found time for SY this week. Don't forget to post your link.

That's an awesome trio. I love the littering theme. If she picks up the trash quickly, they'll only have to do a fashion arrest for the conflicting stripes. :D

diane b said...

But it wasn't her litter.

Friko said...

And yet she looks totally harmless; I hope they let her off with a caution.

SparkleFarkle said...

If I chose to be a member of law enforcement, likely I would sign up as a member of the Litter-Bugged Squad, because, oh, how purposeful Pig-Pen-y types, who have no qualms about "sharing" their "personal wealth," DO get on my last nerve.

Thanks for a fun read! (And remember, peoples: Keep the planet beautiful!)

Vagabonde said...

You are good at these tales. I like them all.

Pooch said...

That the "crown prosecutor" is enforcing the littering laws indicates the high level of value there is to being green!!
Well done!