Monday, January 2, 2012

For Real Toads: Open Link Monday

It's the first Open Link Monday 2012 for the writers' group Imaginary Garden with Real Toads. We are invited to submit a poem, old or new, in any style we choose. In my case, my old poems no longer exist (except for two I memorized, and have already submitted to Real Toads) so this meant writing a new one.
Here, watching the snow melt on the first Monday of the new year, I realize
How Sad I Feel for Floridians:
Snow on roofs,
Hoar frost on trees:
Florida doesn’t have winters like these:
Bright white frost
Against blue sky
Florida, look at this beauty and cry.
All year long
You’re temperate:
No snow to be losing your temper at.
In your driveway?
No! Sailboats and powerboats hold sway,
When you have warm weather every day.
Off to the beach for more fun in the sun,
That’s the way

Your winters run!
Out on the ocean or sitting by pools—
You must think northerners are fools
For digging
And scraping
Our cars from under the snow and ice
But then we find it’s ever so nice
To have a 
Warm car to
Get into.

Photos taken
near home
January, 2012.


zongrik said...

Does this mean you're a snowbird?

Kay L. Davies said...

@ zongrik — Not real snowbirds. We often like to go somewhere warm in winter, but only to visit, not to stay.

Kerry O'Connor said...

Having so enjoyed all your Winter photos this season, I think your part of the world is more beautiful than Florida, more peaceful too.

Heaven said...

I can so relate to your poem as we are deep in winter cold. How I would love to go Florida or anywhere else warm ~

Happy day ~

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love the seasons too. I spent a few months in California a long ways back and definitely missed the seasons. Christmas doesnt feel like Christmas if it isnt cold:)(In the states they thought I had a British accent, hee hee)

Hannah Pratt said...

To frosty cold winters! Love the photos.

Caty said...

I'm originally a northerner moved to NC, and I honestly can't say I miss the 6ft snow storms! the first hour of the first snow is beautiful, but then I'm done with it :)

Margaret said...

I spent most of my life a "Northerner" and

Bright white frost
Against blue sky

is quite the most beautiful sight. But for now, I'm glad it is a memory! :)

Mary Ann Potter said...

We left Michigan for North Carolina in 1983 and have never once longed for the snow and ice. When we get it down here, it's a real event. Folks line up at the grocery stores for bread and milk, lists of closings stream at the bottom of the tv screen, and kids take out their sleds. Last winter one of the neighbors cooked shrimp on a little charcoal grill and kept the beer and soda cold in a snow drift while the kids sledded down the hill. Your poem was a delight to read. Beautiful images. I am hoping that we get at least a little bit of snow this winter now that we live on a farm!

Ella said...

I love the seasons, too and all they share~ So much beauty! I love your poem, great imagery! I liked the way you shared the view~

Marian said...

brrrrr feeling this in new england!

Taylor Boomer said...

snow on roof,

quite imaginative. lovely poetry.

happy new year.