Saturday, August 27, 2011

Excuse me for not commenting

My husband and I are having trouble with our internet connections this week, and although I am reading your blogs and typing comments, the comments are not being sent to you. Sometimes I can't open your blogs. Sometimes I can't open my own.
However, I did receive a comment asking if I could show the ship on which we traveled in Russia. We have a few partial photos (see bottom one, here), and I went to the Viking River Cruises website to find more pictures.
Meanwhile, Dick tried to phone our internet provider. His phone records the number of minutes he's on it, so he put it on speaker, and at 180 minutes (yes, three hours) their tape must have finally run out because a phone-company recording came on saying, "The number you have called is not available."
So, if this post appears on my blog, but my comments don't appear on your blog, you will know I am trying, and our internet provider is very trying (old joke, couldn't resist).

Viking Surkov leaving Kizhi
(Photos from
Viking Surkov (Alexey Surkov) at night

Sky Lounge
Dining room. Viking River Cruises photos
above, left, and below.

A typical cabin (we enjoyed an opening window in ours).

Passengers' library

Kay Davies photo, August 16, 2011
Near Kuzino on the Volga-Baltic Waterway 


Margaret Duarte said...

Wow. Look at that ship! You're smart, taking your camera everywhere. I listened to a speaker talking about how to attract a loyal blog audience and she said to take a camera everywhere for pictures for your blog. You're already there. Hope your server problems are solved soon.

The Chair Speaks said...

Wow! Interior of the ship looks luxurious. To go to the islands, our human was always put on the smallest fishing boat for not getting prone to seasickness.
Over here internet connections get interrupted by frequent electrical storms.

Gattina said...

Wow ! wonderful ! That would have been something for me too !

BTW somebody from the UK had the same problem as you and couldn't leave a comment on my blog and on others, I think that must have been a Blogger problem. She wrote me exactly the same what you say on your post. It also happened once to me some time ago.