Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Q is for Quito, part of the start of it all

Photos by Richard Schear and Kay Davies, Quito, Ecuador 2006   
Lunch at The Coffee Tree in Quito.
The main building (not shown here) of Hotel La Cartuja used to be the British Embassy in Quito.
We stayed there before and after our cruise in the Galapagos.
I discovered I really did need my scruffy old shoes shined,
and these two young men did a great job, directed by our guide (in yellow).

I started writing An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel  in 2009, as you can see by clicking HERE and scrolling down to read my earliest chapters.
Our trip via Quito, Ecuador, to the Galapagos Islands, was the first big adventure on which Dick and I embarked, except for 1-week trips he was awarded by the company for which he works. He was quite content to wait and see if he'd win another company trip each year, whereas I was convinced every 60ish person in the country had a secret desire to visit a place in a far-distant part of the planet. I was right, but I didn't ask my husband the right question until 2006. Then we were off!
I learned a lot from the trip to Quito and the Galapagos. I believe Dick did, too. We have, as I said in the early chapters, been traveling ever since and, while it is never exactly easy for this unfittie, we're still learning.

Posted for  ABC Wednesday, hosted by Mrs. Nesbitt's capable team.
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Mara said...

I am quite jealous of you and your husband. All that travelling! I've always wanted to travel, even if it was only from my hometown to the next town: it would be going somewhere I was not.

Reader Wil said...

Quito looks very beautiful! You have seen quite a lot of the globe!
Thanks for your visit to my blog. I was in the group photo, standing on the left side at the back. I am the taller of the two girls at the back.

VioletSky said...

A life of travel was what I had in mind... it just didn't quite work out that way.

Mr Puddy said...

Wow ! Kay
My mom really love that hotel..So colorful !!!
Every times,mom visits your blog..She is so jealous !!!
Thanks to share with us

Joy said...

That was certainly a great start, no wonder you have been travelling ever since. So much to see.

Roger Owen Green said...

One of the capitals I never forget because it's near the center of the planet!

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

EG CameraGirl said...

I'm more than a tad jealous that you've been to so many fun places! :))

Gigi Ann said...

I'm glad you and Richard love traveling, I prefer armchair traveling. I was just watching a video today featuring Australia. I saw places and animals I would never have seen otherwise.

Sylvia K said...

You have indeed traveled a lot and it is wonderful isn't it? I certainly haven't traveled as much as you and Dick, but I have been fortunate to travel a good deal and loved every minute of it! This is a great post for the Q Day! Really enjoyed your pics!

ABC Team

Carver said...

That's great that you and your husband are able to travel. Looks like a great place to visit. I love the roof in the third shot.

Hildred said...

I am so glad you share these travels, Kay, - great adventures for you, and wonderful to have a peek at the places you've been.

Kay said...

I'd love to go to the Galapagos someday too. You guys REALLY do travel a lot. I am very impressed.

Cezar and Léia said...

An adventure trip, so cool!
Amazing pictures, thanks so much for sharing!

Cildemer said...

Great shots and beautiful entry for Q day! Seems a very nice place to visit!
Thanks for sharing, Kay;o)

jabblog said...

There can't be many more places to visit by now;-)

Kay L. Davies said...

@ Jabblog — There are plenty of places left, Janice. LOL
— K

Jo said...

Oh Kay, you and your hubby are so adventurous I get quite envious. And I enjoy every post and photo of each trip. Thanks for sharing and thank you for visiting my blog even though I'm away from the computer mostly while here in South Africa. Bless you dearest Kay. Hugs to you-all including darling Lindy. (Shadow sends purrs - he's sitting on my left arm as I type, sweet boy!)

Powell River Books said...

And a brave traveler you are. Powell River has clipped our traveling wings for now. Just hate to get away from our cabin up the lake. - Margy

Chubskulit Rose said...

Your third photo ois quite gorgeous Kay!

Rajesh said...

Wonderful shots.

SquirrelQueen said...

I'm glad you came up with the right question, just look at the adventures you and Dick have had so far.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I like that big blue Quito sky!


The sky’s a most wonderful thing,
Within it some strange creatures sing:
The angels and such;
But dragons? Not much—
They’d rather breathe fire and take wing.

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