Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pet Pride - Lindy wonders about her dad

Lindy's buddy Bozo in Mumbai asked a very good question this week. He was wondering what other pets find amusing about their humans.
Sure, Lindy enjoys her dad's bad jokes, but only because he seems to be so happy when he laughs at them himself. She also thinks it's fun when her dad's team scores a goal in hockey, because he yells "Score!" so loud.
But there's one thing that really confuses Lindy. Why does her dad seem so determined to protect her from the deer they see on their walks? And the rabbits! He holds onto her leash ever so tightly when they see rabbits. What kind of dog needs protection from rabbits? Certainly not Lindy, she insists. She hopes he'll forget to hold on, so she can show him those rabbits can't hurt her!

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The Chair Speaks said...

Ahh, Lindy, this is the year of the rabbit. And rabbit can be fierce, too, if provoked and pushed to the corner. Their bunny kicks are powerful! :)

magiceye said...

hey lindy so gooood to cya!!!

missed you sooooooooooo much last week

Woof woof
from Bozo
Pets forever

Greyscale Territory said...

Loved hearing your thoughts about rabbits and deer! Perhaps your dad worries you may hurt yourself in the haste of chasing these guys! (Ahem!)

Powell River Books said...

Maybe Lindy needs some summer weather and garden veggies to forget the bunnies and deer. - Margy

We love LUNA said...

Cool story, Lindy is very smart!
I think I would be very curious if I could meet a rabbit!
purrs and love

*hugs from mommy Léia

Sylvia K said...

Hi Lindy, our humans are so over protective, but we know they mean well and we love them because they care. Looks like you had a fun day in the snow!!

Sam and Mojo

Abby said...

Rabbits are very amusing, but I find squirrels even more so! When I'm indoors, I settle for my Kong to amuse me.

Stopping by from Pet Pride. Here's our link if you get a chance to visit:

Marie said...

Lindy -- humans just don't get it! Our Lady dog doesn't understand why we won't let her go after the squirrels and rabbits we see when we're on walks either!