Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Thursday Theme Song...take me out of...? photo

Take me out of the ballgame?
Take me away from the crowd?
But I want peanuts and crackerjack.
I don't care, I've gotta get back...

Oh, it's root root root for the O-man!
Vizquel played his last game tonight
It was one, two, three times the crowd
Stood and cheered for Omar's last fight!

Longtime major league shortstop and future Hall of Famer, 45-year-old Omar Vizquel played his last year, and his last game, with our team, the Toronto Blue Jays.

In honor of his many years in baseball, Omar was asked to throw out the first pitch for his final game, and the crowd cheered. They cheered again when he got a base hit, when he made a great catch, and when he left the game in the 9th inning. One fan's sign said "Omarvelous Career"!

We're sure all Jays fans, like us, are thrilled to have had Omar with us during what turned out to be a difficult year for the team. Seeing him was a highlight reel in itself. We're looking forward to seeing if his future includes coaching or managing, or both (in that order).

Thursday Theme Song


kaykuala said...

Looks to be a popular guy. Invariably they'll still get involved. Give him space! Nicely Kay!


Fran said...

Baseball is not something that we really follow in the UK. We have a similar game called Rounders, but that is more of a girlie game xxx

Lighthousegal said...

A great tribute to the ballplayer. Hopefull he will indeed put his experience to use and teach or coach.

Daryl said...


Linda said...

I have no idea about baseball - I never have watched much of it...but, I am sure this is a nice tribute!

Martha Z said...

I don't follow baseball but I do appreciate your homage to a man who seems well loved by his fans.
One of these days I will participate in Thursday Theme Song. I have some images that just speak to a song.

Ann said...

I used to play softball. Baseball is not big here. But I remember listening to this song.

clairz said...

Wow! Playing pro baseball at 45 - that's really something. Thank you for this post.