Friday, October 26, 2012

Pet peeves posted for Mary at Real Toads

Today's challenge at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads comes from Mary, who asks us to write about pet peeves. She mentions some things that peeve people, and even provides a link to a list of annoyances, for those among us who might not have any of our own.
I do have a few pet peeves, so I've picked some things that bug me (litterbugs really bug me) and have written three little verselets thereupon.
I'm sure some people see red when others make up their own words, so I've made one up and used it here, just for you.

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inconsiderate drivers might annoy me
but inveterate gossips make me cringe
don’t say 
“I hear he’s an alky and he beats up on his wife”
instead, please tell me how it makes you feel.
is there some way you can help
rather than talking?
and how do you know the rumor’s really real?



litterbugs should be exterminated
and polluters dangled from their chimneys high
so they can breathe the smoke they have created—
the smoke that’s making other people die

poor grammar makes me cringe,
and texting makes me whinge
about my husband texting during dinner;
but chewing his gum so I can hear
him chewing right beside my ear
in my own list of peeves might be the winner


Mary said...

Ah, Kay, you had quite a list. I like the idea of polluters hung by their chimneys so they can breathe their own polluted air.

Chewing gum (especially incessantly) bugs me too...but in one's ear? Yikes. true, often NOT true.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh yes! The gum thing. Drives me bonkers! These are fun, Kay!

Helen said...

Pretty funny, all true!!

Daydreamertoo said...

Oh, even as a child, I never liked chewing gum. Hate it even more as an adult when in the hot months, sidewalks become a mine field of gum to be avoided if you're not to have it stuck to the bottom of your shoes and take it everywhere you go. YUCK. As for people who chew gum loudly, hate it
Litterbugs, I find are lazy, inconsiderate and don't give a fig about taking care of our ailing planet. There are so many, aren't there!
Enjoyed yours Kay :)

Laurie Kolp said...

Chewing gum is bad enough... but when they pop it... that's irritating. The texting while with someone is rude, I think.

jabblog said...

Absolutely to the point(s) - well said!

Patricia Anne McGoldrick said...

For the gossip theme, I always think of Norman Rockwell's work with all those faces who share a story til it comes back to the original person who is shocked by the news, her story, no longer recognizable.

Audrey Howitt aka Divalounger said...

Cute write Kay! And all true!

Kim Nelson said...

sounds like the battle of the peeves!

Hannah said...

Point on, Kay!! Humorously delivered too, imo! I agree on these...hubby texting during dinner and anybody chewing in my ear or if I'm not eating and have to listen to someone eat...forget it!! Lol!!

Susie Clevenger said...

I am in agreement on your pet peeves....and wouldn't it be nice if the polluters where dangled over the stench they have created....

kaykuala said...

I've never liked gums even before. The worst when it gets stuck somewhere on your self - shoes, dress and all. Now, one gets to see all those English football managers munching away at their games. May be to calm their nerves! Nicely Kay!


Ella said...

Yes,hang those polluters...hang them high! ;D lol

I so agree...sorry, about my grammar! I am going to go research the error of my ways~ (((hugs)))

I loved your take on the prompt!