Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Real Toads: Izy's end of world challenge

At the online writer's group Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, Isadora has given us a special challenge: Armageddon, or the end times.
With TV and movies giving us their take on the end of the world, she asks each of us to describe his or her own view of it.
This is not an easy task for me. I can imagine any amount of horror for myself, but not for those I love, especially the young ones.
I lived most of my life on the west coast of Canada, in a suburb of Vancouver, BC. I clearly remember sitting in my living room with my youngest brother when he was 15. We had just watched a movie about the day after an atomic bomb, so he asked me what I would do if I knew a bomb would hit Vancouver in an hour. I said I would grab him, throw him into my car, and head for the Rocky Mountains.
"But you wouldn't have a chance," he said. "You couldn't get very far in an hour, especially if everyone else is doing the same thing."
"I know," I said, "but I would have to try."
I think he understood what I call my Mother Bear Instinct, because our mom had it, too.
Here is my answer to Izy's challenge:

they say the end is coming
and it’s very close at hand
there is no hope for anyone
on this or any land
I’m begging of the universe
Public domain sketch
from Wikipedia,
artist unknown
blow me to the skies above
but leave a life in Canada
for the children whom I love...
an impossible plea
born of caring
too much, perhaps,
for them,
but what is love
if not daring
to try to save the child?
mother bears
and mother birds
feel the same way in the wild


Kerry O'Connor said...

We would all like to save our young ones from disaster but I often wonder what we are leaving them to face alone in the future.

Susan said...

"but what is love
if not daring
to try to save the child?"

Yes, human/animal instinct, dear Kay, I hear you. And I love how this has the comfort of nursery rhyme and meter which are as soothing as a rocking chair. Beautiful.

Buddah Moskowitz said...

I really liked this beautifully simple and pure plea. Thanks!

Daydreamer said...

Yes indeed. The need to protect their young comes naturally to most mothers doesn't it? Of most animal breeds too.
It is a lovely thought that, even if it was futile, you'd try.

Mary said...

Truly, what a caring response, Kay!

Fireblossom said...

Yep. We would try until our last breath.

Isadora Gruye said...

Kay, I really appreciate you challenging yourself with this piece. I know it can be hard to see something like doomsday with rose colored glasses. I think you did a wonderful job of finding that space and writing yourself a silver lining.

I grew up during the second cold war in the eighties and remember watching films about how to survive post nuclear life. I do remember one film referring to happy vaporization (the fortunate luck to be killed in the initial blast so that you didn't have to die slowly from radiation). I have always clung to that concept.

Your piece here is written with a heartbreaking tenderness and a reluctant peace. Thanks for sharing!!!!

Mama Zen said...

Wonderful poem!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love your loving response to this challenge.It is interesting to read the varied responses to this prompt. I am still wracking what little brain I have left......may have to sleep on it!!!! Good poem with loving thoughts, Kay.

Susie Clevenger said...

A beautiful plea to save the children...If we must face an ending may they have a new beginning.

Grace said...

Lovely response dear ~ I too feel the same way ~

hedgewitch said...

The more you love, the harder it is to let go, and your sense of nurturing and care is truly profound here, Kay. For me, I think only of the pain the innocent will be spared--you think of the richness and joy being lost so unfairly. Beautiful piece.

Margaret said...

Awe... just loved this! And I see your "mother bear" in my five children for their youngest sibling (4). I thought of the same things in my approach to this poem.

Helen said...

Compassionate response, lovely rhyme.

Mystic_Mom said...

I think all Mama's who love their babes agree with you! Love this.

Hannah said...

The compassion that flows forth here is touching...thank you for your honest response...beautiful mama bear heart! :)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely. The feelings you describe just take over from birth (theirs) on. Well-described.

I love your dog in the pool too! k.

Unknown said...

That is a mother's instinct taking over . There is no force in this world, not even doomsday, can be stronger than that.

Herotomost said...

Oh....I couldn't bear to see my children suffer or any number of other loved ones. Great compassionate plea, I can only hope when the time comes the universe listens. Great job.