Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Open Link Monday: where I can write what I like

Posted for Kerry's Open Link Monday at the online writers' group, Imaginary Garden with Real Toads
All the other people in the garden seem to have squillions of poems stashed away, hither and yon, waiting to see the light of day here on Open Link Monday. I had two, count 'em, two, both posted long ago, and since then I write almost nothing except in response to a prompt here on Toads or elsewhere.
Richard Schear photo, 2012 
I'm hopeless. Old and useless. So when I saw this photo my husband took while out with his Naturalist group, it made me think of my poor old self.

a paleolithic creature
struck into stone
and smashed
here on the ground
his giant tusks
to the left of him
his once-flailing tail to the right
“don’t say ‘right’ to me,” he begs
“they used to say ‘might beats right’ 
but they were wrong!
look at me now
in a million pieces
a million years old
and who gives a damn?
“what’s one more pleisto-meistosaurean more or less?
especially now when I’m the only one left
and I’m smashed?
smashed to smithereens
with algae growing on me
“such a comedown—
I who was once really someone,
don’t you know?
“and now they say
‘a pleisto-meisto-whaaat?’
and don’t even care
“well, if this is to be my burial ground,
at least I brought my own stone, har har har”


Jo said...

Oh Kay, you are BRILLIANT! When I looked at the photo, I couldn't think what I would write about it. But you did, and did it well! Thanks for sharing. (((Hugs))) Jo

Kerry O'Connor said...

Kay, I so appreciate your wit and humorous approach to creativity.. I don't believe you are ready for fossilization just yet.

Daryl said...

well done!

Hootin' Anni said...

Love, love, LOVE your Goldfincher ThemeSong.

Sorry, I've not been around much to visit these days, a huge genealogy project keeps me at the computer but, with little time leftover.

And I must add, as I scanned through your blog today, I enjoyed the "Lindy loves her Daddy" photo. AND your shadow shots.

Kay said...

You have the most original sense of humor and wit, Kay. There's humor, but a bittersweet sadness in this poem.

kaykuala said...

Hilarious,Kay! I had a fair share of artefacts and the Java Man in anthropology before and you described it perfectly well. Serious matters but given your humor twist! Great write!


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Margaret said...

"such a comedown" ... but he has kept his sense of humor! :)