Saturday, August 18, 2012

Camera Critters: a new Naturalist's photos

My husband spent a great many hours with the Grasslands Naturalists today and enjoyed every minute of it, so he has decided to join them.
He came home with more than 200 photos, many of which are great for
Camera Critters, for this week, next week and the next.

© Photos by Richard Schear, August, 2012

A Monarch butterfly or its lookalike cousin? My newly-pledged naturalist doesn't know.

This Upland Sandpiper is almost completely camouflaged.

Western Grebes share a reflective moment.
Posted for Camera Critters, hosted by Misty Dawn. Thanks, Misty!


Mara said...

Great photos. I can understand why he wanted to join!

jabblog said...

Fabulous - it's so nice to keep on learning.

eileeninmd said...

Lovely series, Kay! I love all the birds and the butterfly. The Western grebe and the Upland Sandpiper are my favorites. Thanks for sharing your critters.

Anonymous said...

Love the grebes!

Powell River Books said...

The Grebes are wonderful. It's always fun to go out with people who have similar interests. - Margy

Kay said...

I love how those two birds at the end form a sort of a heart.