Friday, November 19, 2010

Two of the very best places to hunt elusive Camera Critters

Photogenic giraffes at San Diego Zoo

A family of orangutans pose for a portrait by someone's cell phone

At the Wild Animal Park (now San Diego Zoo Safari Park)
a mother rhino watches her little one feeding

Two tiny warthogs discover Mom wandering off, and prepare to follow her
Photos by Richard Schear and Kay Davies

Posted for the Camera Critters meme hosted each week by Misty Dawn
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Powell River Books said...

I've been to both places, but a long time ago. I love visiting San Diego. When we lived down south we went there quite often in our plane, then took the trolley downtown to stay. I love walking along the wharf and eating all that great seafood. One night we had oysters from Desolation Sound. Talk about coming full circle. - Margy

Kay L. Davies said...

@ Margy -- full circle, no kidding! I love San Diego, too.
But don't you think Desolation Sound is one of the most beautiful places in the world? And with a name guaranteed to keep people away! Not that it's easy to get to, at all. I've only been there twice myself, once in my teens and once in my twenties. Nobody with a boat has offered to take me back since. LOL
I've been to San Diego a lot more often than that, and a lot more recently, too.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Powell River Books said...

In San Diego I love Old Town. I love eating outside at Dick's Last Resort or for seafood, The Fish Market Restaurant. The outdoor bar at sunset is the place for me. - Margy

Ebie said...

Hi Kay, when we were there, the giraffes were to far from us, this is the best close up I have seen.

I agree to with reading the manual, I usually don't that;s why I do a lot of practice shots.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

What adorable creatures!

Fran said...

Can't join in the conversation about San Diego as I have never been there! But I love that picture of the Rhinos, the mother's eyes are so soft as she looks at her little un. x

Kay L. Davies said...

@ Fran -- you're right, and she's almost smiling.
-- K

Mara said...

I suspect dancing up and down and singing 'here puss puss' wouldn't work for the baby warthogs then!

I love those rhinos. It looks like they're not real, especially the little one!

short poems said...

Beautiful creatures!
Loved your blog, great work :)
All the best
marinela x

Misty Dawn said...

Wonderful photos of the critters! I've never been to San Diego, but hope to some day

cat said...

Lovely critters all of them!

eileeninmd said...

The San Diego zoo is one of the best. Love all the zoo critters and thanks for sharing.

We love Luna said...

Bonjour Kay!
wow beautiful critters there, mainly those Giraffes, they are adorable!
purrs from Luxembourg and always love

chubskulit said...

Great shots!

Snakes, have a good Saturday!

gigi-hawaii said...

You have an excellent camera, Kay. The photos are very clear and vivid. Great photography!

jen said...

Kay! I love your photos!! And that fence by the giraffes completely cracks me up. I have visit the San Diego zoo many times but never noticed it.

The rhinos are awesome too.. the pic is so clear and crisp; it really accents their prehistoric look.

Have a great day! :D

Al said...

Perfect shots for the Camera Critters meme. I've been to San Diego but never to the zoo there. And congratulations on your new camera, I'm looking forward to seeing more photos taken with it.

VioletSky said...

It's funny how all baby animals are adorable, even when the adults are ... not so adorable. Can't say as I am totally attracted to rhinos, but that baby - oh yes, he is a cutie!

Dimple said...

Hi Kay,
I like that shot of the giraffes, the curves in the top of the fence are interesting dividers for their necks!
Zoos are great places to capture critters, without doubt!

jabblog said...

Kay, what glorious photos! The orang utans are wonderful - I'm surprised they didn't grab the phone!

Kay L. Davies said...

@ Jabblog -- They're behind glass, Janice. Orangs are very big and strong and although we might want to touch them, we wouldn't want them to touch us. They might mean no harm but do some anyway.
-- K

Calico Crazy said...

I went to San Diego once when I was 5, alas 36 years later I have no memory of what I did there. I love the little baby warthogs, our zoo in Memphis had a baby last year, they are so cute when they are tiny. ~ Calico Contemplations

Eds said...

they really look so nice specially when they are relaxing.

Kay said...

I love the photo of the orangutans communing with each other.