Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lindy gets her mom to have some pride in her pet!

Hi, I'm Lindy. You may have seen me before, a time or two, but this time it's different. Honest! I saw my mom click on a site called Pet Pride. There was this good-looking guy there, named Bozo. Maybe I'd like to meet him. So I had a talk with my mom.

Hey, Mom, that site looks good. You could SO post to that meme, you know.
Oh, sweetie, nobody needs to see more Lindy pictures now.
Mom, everybody needs to see more Lindy pictures, now, tomorrow, next day, doesn't matter. They're my fans, Mom, they need pictures I can autograph when they come to the door.
Lindy, you don't know how to write.
So? Duh, Mom, I can autograph it with a paw print. Or I can lick it.
Eeuuww, gross, Lindy. Both ideas, totally gross.
Mom, I'm a dog, that's what dogs do. We lick, and we make paw prints. 
You also drool, but nobody wants dog drool on a picture.
How do you know? Why don't you post my picture and let them make up their own minds, instead of you making their minds up for them?
Okay, just this once. Which picture do you like best?
This one. See how the sun is reflecting off my beautiful golden coat? And this one shows the curls on my back, and the curls on my front, and my pink leash so they know I'm a girl. This one, Mom.
Okay, Lindy. You can't change your mind later, you know. I'm going to post it right now.
That's alright. Be sure you say hi to Bozo for me. He's pretty cute, for a guy without curls. Oh, and tell him my birthday. It's September 16.
Which won't be for another ten months now. He'll have forgotten by then.
No he won't. Nobody forgets Lindy. Besides, he has a list.
Oh, alright. Uh, Bozo, Lindy's birthday is September 16, she says you won't forget!

Photo by Kay Davies
Posted for Bozo's PET PRIDE meme.
To see other gorgeous pets from around the world,


Rosadimaggio63 said...

Hi Lindy, sei proprio una grande bella ragazza bionda.
A me piacciono i riccioli biondi !!!!
Io sono un chow chow di 10 anni, e la foto del barboncino nero è di un mio amico francese che si chiama Bisou.
Ciao da Igor ( e dalla mia mamma ) :))

Powell River Books said...

You go Lindy. Do you know Cactus Jack Flash? He's a horse that has his own blog. If you don't, head on over and see the kinds of things he talks/writes about.


Barbara said...

Oh Lindy, you are so gorgeous I don't blame you for making your Mum post your picture.

Kay L. Davies said...

@ Margy -- My mom and I checked out Cactus Jack Splash. He's pretty okay for a horse, although we don't know much about horses. My mom fell off every one she ever tried to ride, so she quit trying about 35 years ago. I've never tried to ride a horse, and don't remember if I ever hung out with one. I've eyed up a few of them for horsemeat but, really, they're so big and I have people who feed me now, and I'm not sure I could have ever brought one down anyway. I was probably just fooling myself. (Horsing around, you know.) But thank you for the link and I'll check Cactus Jack out again. Maybe I should ask him how he got his own blog. Maybe I'd like one of my own some day. Or not (my mom made me say that part.)
-- Lindy

Sylvia K said...

Welcome to the fun at Pet Pride, Lindy! Glad you talked your Mom into putting up your picture there!

Sam and Mojo

Kay said...

Lindy, you are certainly a very pretty dog.

Gattina said...

Hello Lindy nice to meet you ! Your mom did an excellent discovery with Pet Pride, unfortunately I only have 4 cats, lol !

Cezar and Léia said...

oh Lindy, sweetie, you are such a smart girl!
Purrs and love
Luna and mommy Léia

Ebie said...

Hey Lindy, you look so cute! I like your little conversation with you mom. Glad you joined Pet Pride.

I have two cats and both are camaera shy..

Leslie said...

Lindy's right. You can never post too many photos of a gorgeous girl like her.

And you are a very funny person...