Monday, November 8, 2010

My World Tuesday --today and in warmer times

This happened after I had posted MWT to my blog but hadn't linked it to the MWT site.
I looked out the window and thought "That sure is a big dog" and realized it was a deer.
I rushed outside with my camera, and it was already across the street,
and my line of sight was blocked by my car. This is the best shot I was able to get.
We often get deer at night in our neighborhood, but seldom during the day.

The honeysuckle that is pulling down the arch over the sidewalk. Leaning distinctly southward.
My Explorer Rose (I forget which Canadian explorer) with a mound of Virginia Creeper behind,
and the Russian Olive tree, and the garden swing my friends Jeanine and Jeff put together for me last summer.
"If you want something done, ask a busy person," someone once said, and it's true.

Potentilla. Lots of people in Alberta have Potentilla bushes, but usually the flowers are yellow.
I have a white one (above) and a pretty peach one (below).

Photos by Kay Davies

Posted on Monday for My World Tuesday because it's already Tuesday somewhere!
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Sylvia K said...

Oh, warmer and beautiful! What lovely flowers, Kay! Does bring back memories of summer!! Ah, well, we have a bit of sun here today so I'll shut up whining! Great post for the day! Hope you and Richard and Lindy have a lovely week! Enjoy!


Mara said...

Pink flowers, pink flowers, white flowers and pinkish flowers. Yep, with you all the way!

(As you may tell from this comment I don't know my flowers. At all...)

aka Penelope said...

I love honeysuckle for its sweet scent! Your photos warm my heart, indeed. Quite a contrast to the chilly winter white you posted recently. Your collage below is also sweet, Kay. Speaking of which … there is a historic “cake house” in Moose Jaw that might be a nice addition to the last row. :)

Kay said...

I love seeing plants from elsewhere. My neighbor in Illinois had a Russian Olive, too and we had a honeysuckle in our backyard. I miss all those bushes and trees.

Rosadimaggio63 said...

molto gradevoli da vedere questi tuoi fiori colorati :)
Buona serata :)

Kay L. Davies said...

@ EVERYONE -- I just added a photo of an unexpected visitor to this post, and ten minutes later my new camera (my birthday present for Dec.1) arrived! I'm so excited. 26X zoom!
-- K

J Bar said...

Beautiful blooms.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Ebie said...

Oh, deer! I hope he went back to the woods!

My office mate said that there more wild animals (deer) in her neighborhood than the zoo!

Photo Cache said...

thanks for showing me honeysuckle. i love honeysuckle-scented cologne, but haven't seen the bloom until today.

have a lovely week.


Carver said...

I love the shot of the deer. You still got a good shot even with the car. Your garden looks beautiful.

EG Wow said...

At least you DID capture the deer. :) Missing shots is the story of my life. LOL

Denise said...

Hi Kay, how neat to find the deer outside in daylight. Glad you got something to remember him by. A lovely series of photos.

Thanks for the info from your brother on the American Lion. I obviously missed that page :) I've said it before and I'll say it again, that's why I enjoy blogging so much. Kindness from blogging friends who point me in the right direction. Always learning. I'll have more photos on Balboa Park sometime. I took LOADS and LOADS!!! Enjoy your week.

Nessa said...

Lucky you to have a deer roaming around your gardens. I like watching deer.

Carolyn Ford said...

My attention surrounds that amazing deer in the first photo! How exciting to see one just cruising through the neighborhood! How special!

Luna Miranda said...

oh wow, that is a huge deer! and crossing the street. amazing! is he lost or looking for some place warm?:p

Anonymous said...

Wonderful flowers and such a delightful deer!

jabblog said...

The deer looks completely at home - wonderful :-)

Jo said...

What an observant capture of the deer in the street during the day. Kay. I love your beautiful shrubs - especially the Potentillas which seem to be a unique colour in your town. Thanks for your lovely comments on my post today. Yes, Shadow will soon be confident enough to be outside on his own. His harness will have to come off; we saw him tangle with it while TRYING to climb a tree on Sunday. Fortunately we were there and could help him down. He is not a good tree climber yet, never having seen trees until arriving in South Africa last month. Funny little guy. He's enjoying the ponds now after first being petrifried of the noise the waterfalls make. Have a wonderful day, my friend. (((Hugs))) Jo

Jenn said...

How awesome is it to see a deer in your street. And a huge one too. Never came across a honeysuckle and now I'm curious as to how it actually smells. :-)