Thursday, August 19, 2010

Skywatch Friday, can I get this right?

My husband, Dick, and our beautiful Golden Retriever, Lindy, walk every evening down by the coulees here in southeastern Alberta. Earlier this month, Dick got some fabulous sky pictures as the moon was coming up and the sun was going down, and they were published on this blog before I ever heard of Skywatch Friday, which I only learned about on ABC Wednesday. See (This is entirely too much fun, really.)
Here, however, are my favorites from my August 2 post, for Skywatch Friday: the moon rising over the trees as the sun is setting over the prairie.
Photos by Richard Schear. Posted by Kay Davies.

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Anonymous said...

The last picture is amazing ! Please have a good Friday.

daily athens

Sylvia K said...

Gorgeous captures, Kay! I love them both and what a way to end the day! We do have fun with these memes, don't we? Hope you have a great weekend!


syel said...

oh my! i love the gorgeous lighting on the trees with the big moon behind! your husband captured the golden hour! both are lovely!

Kay L. Davies said...

My husband is thrilled with the compliments he's getting here on my blog! He wasn't much of a photographer until we started to travel, but he loves to use a camera now. He says he'll have something for the next Skywatch, too.

Karine said...

Your skywatch photos are lovely! Your husband was certainly lucky to get out at just the right time to take them!

Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting, I hope you come to visit it again and I hope you make it back to Montreal too!

Kay L. Davies said...

Thanks, Karine. I certainly hope to get back to Montreal because I'd love to see more of your beautiful city.