Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wildlife while walking

Photos by Richard Schear

When my husband Dick walks our dog Lindy, he often sees animals a little less tame than she is. But not a lot less, as he managed to get shots of a young rabbit both coming and going, and several pictures of two white-tailed deer. These young bucks are somewhat camouflaged on the prairie, but one shows off his antlers beautifully when posing in front of someone's garage. From the wind-ruffled robin to the pretty mourning dove, there are plenty of birds to photograph in the coulees of southeastern Alberta, where Dick and Lindy love to walk.

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1 comment:

aka Penelope said...

While the deer looks stately and calm, the rabbit seems vulnerable and undecided about which way to turn. But I’m probably reading into things. Nice to see Alberta’s wonderful wildlife. :)