Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Have you read the unfittie’s blog from the beginning? Starting with Chapter 1 “To the Reader” archived in November, 2009? Or Chapter 2 “From the Author” at the beginning of December, 2009?

You might really enjoy Chapter 2, which explains how at least one person became an unfittie despite all efforts to the contrary. No amount of ranting and raving, and no amount of denial, could stop the downhill progress from Ordinary Person to government-registered unfittie.

Then, of course, there’s Chapter 3, “The Moral of the Story” which is nowhere near as dull as its title. You’ll find disappointment, pain, and sorrow, plus what to do with regret ...all that, along with a few laughs, in Chapter 3.

Photo of mini-dinosaurean lizard in Costa Rica by Richard Schear.

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April said...

Hello Kay,
Whatever you do, don't stop having fun and having those adventures. As you say in Chapter 3, "It is better to go than not to go." Sage advice. I know because sometimes I hem and haw, too, and then I have regrets. Nice picture of the lizard.

I'm halfway through Jane Eyre and enjoying it very much.

Wanda said...

This is quite an interesting little fella.

Was this your entry for ABC Wednesday "E", or did i miss something.

Roger Owen Green said...

Hi. So where's the E for ABC Wednesday (Other than the elephant in the About Me?)

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Kay L. Davies said...

Thanks, April. "Hemming and hawing" is exactly what I do. Right now I'm hemming and hawing about the next chapter of the unfittie's travels, "What To Do if My Husband Doesn't Go" and I really want to get it written.

Kay L. Davies said...

No, but thanks, Wanda. I'm the one who missed something. I didn't get my profile picture changed properly, so the lizard showed instead of the elephant. Sigh. Now I've got lots of elephants to post to my blog, but I'm too late.
As you can see, I managed to get my replies to you and to April slightly out of order, too. Getting older is part of the fun April mentioned, I guess.
Meanwhile, I asked my husband if he remembered the name of this lizard, because he took the picture, but he doesn't know, either. I'll have to Google "lizards Costa Rica" and see if I can find the little fella or a member of his family. Aha, he's a "basilisk lizard" and he can walk on water.

Kay L. Davies said...

It's an "oops" kinda thing, Roger. I didn't change my profile picture properly, so the lizard came up instead of the elephant. See reply to Wanda, above.
I'm just learning to branch out from blogging, make more contact with the world. It's fun but fraught with failure. (Okay, those can wait for next week, right?)