Saturday, October 26, 2013

Subtle shadows but no shade

"The sun
is in
my eyes!"

Photos by
Richard Schear
October, 2013

"Maybe this
fence will
cast some

"Well, there's
but it
keep the
sun out
of my eyes."

Posted for
and also for Pet Pride.
Lindy says, "Funny thing: some fences make better shade than others. I wonder if my dog friends have ever noticed that."


Snap said...

Lindy is lovely and needs sunglasses! ;)

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Such a sweet-looking pooch! That happy, laid-back face made me smile.

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

Oops - my laptop flicked and I don't know if my comment made it through. Just saying what a sweet-face your pooch has. It was the perfect sight on this Saturday morning. :) She looks so happy!

genie said...

You have a way better eye than I. Bet I would have missed the one of the leash. These are so nice. Muted shadows. Lovely.

kaykuala said...

It's nice playing with shadows. It keeps one squinting, taking little peeks at the sun! Great shots Kay!


Sylvia K said...

I love your and Lindys shadow shots, Kay!! She is such a beauty! Hope you both enjoy the weekend!! said...

Such a sweet-looking dog!

myponderings said...

What a well loved and lovely dog! :)

rosadimaggio63 said...

Hi Lindy,
che bello poterti guardare... sei così bella e dolce... la tua mamma è molto fortunata ad averti ancora con lei.
Sei una magnifica compagna... Igor avrebbe tanto amato poterti conoscere :)))
Tantissimi baci sul tuo naso bagnato :))
Myriam e Ching Martino said...

Gorgeous photos of a beautiful and loving dog for CC ~ thanks, carol ^_^

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Lindy loves shadows!

Shadowy Lighthouse

robin. said...

such cute shots...not much shade for Lindy at all!!

Fireblossom said...

Bosco says, "Hi, Lindy! A good shady place is always a good thing to discover!"

SquirrelQueen said...

We agree that Lindy needs sunglasses, or maybe a bigger fence. Nice shadow shots and Lindy is as beautiful as ever.

Ralph said...

I love Goldens, their pleasant disposition and smiling countenance so beautiful. I see Lindy as so happy all the time and sun in the eyes not a problem - just happy being with her family no matter what. Nice!

Cutella said...

What a lovely dog?!!

Jo said...

Ooh Lindy, what a purrdy doggie you are. We (the Tanzanian kitties) send you purrs and a great hug from our mum as well. Ginger, Shadow and Ambrose.

retriever said...

Lovely portrait lindy golden, greeting from Belgium

Tammy said...

Nice play of light on a lovely subject!

Kelly said...

My girls would agree that chain link doesn't make for good shade. It certainly made some nice shadows on Lindy, though.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

She's a good pup!

Kay said...

Looks like pretty Lindy could use my sun glasses.

Powell River Books said...

Lindy looks to be enjoying the sun and shade. Sun was a bit scarce around our place for a week (lots of fog), but then summer came back for a day. I just love seeing and feeling the sun after that happens. - Margy