Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I'm just waiting for you to eat something

Photos by Kay Davies, September 27, 2013
You never know, it's a dog-eat-food world out there, and someone (even though no one is home except Lindy's mom) might drop some food from the table onto the carpet.
Much has been dropped on this carpet already and it will be removed as soon as Lindy's mom gets more flooring to match the kitchen floor, which is washable, Lindy-coloured, and doesn't show spots.

Posted (late) for Pet Pride
hosted by Lindy's friend Bozo
and his family in Mumbai, India.
Lindy says, "Hi, Bozo, when they change the other floors to look like me, no one will ever be able to find me."


magiceye said...

Hehe whatay fun!!


kaykuala said...

When Lindy blends with the carpet colors, that's the time to be careful. Why, one might trip over him and hurting both! Nicely Kay!


rosadimaggio63 said...

Hi Lindy... sei veramente una grande bellezza !!!
Baci Myriam :))

Dimple said...

I have never lived in a home without carpet, but it is an idea which is growing on me. Vinyl is so much easier to clean!

Pearl said...

camouflage dog.

Phil Slade said...

Her favourite spot by far - directly under the table. No need to move far!

Gattina said...

Arthur can join in for waiting for food ! A Lindy color floor would look awesome !