Friday, October 18, 2013

Blue in the imaginary garden

Hannah has introduced The Imaginary Garden with Real Toads to beauty where we might have thought none existed—under a glacier—the Mendenhall Glacier near Fairbanks, Alaska, where tourists can fly over it in helicopters, climb it with crampons and ice equipment, paddle along looking up at it from kayaks, or visit a cave formed by the flow of water passing under the glacier.
Thanks, Hannah!

Picture provided as prompt

today we went to the blue cave
a cave of ice
where the river lives
a cave of ice
blue as the sky
where the sunlight filters
through the ice
filters through to softly lave
the stalactites
and stalagmites
and tourists, too,
in beautiful soft and ice blue light
Kay L. Davies, October, 2013

I'm not at all sure there are stalactites and stalagmites in ice caves, but I put them there for that extra spelunking sort of atmosphere.


Vandana Sharma said...

It set the perfect tone:)

Grace said...

I now recall those the stalactites
and stalagmites of the caves~ I like the ice blue light & sky here ~

Kay, your link in the RT is not working ~

kaykuala said...

It would be possible as long as there is a roof in the caves. Wonderful write Kay!


TALON said...

The beauty of creation - we can add all the atmospheric touches we want. Loved it, Kay!

Helen said...

Kay has decreed: let there be stalactites and stalagmites in my cave! So be it ....

(for some reason I could not access your post from the Toady Linky)

Sherry Blue Sky said...

OO, and you did it well. I feel the chill and love the blueness of this poem! I must get over to the Garden - I always love Hannah's prompts.

Kerry O'Connor said...

I really enjoyed your use of repetition in this poem, kay. It is very beautiful, start to finish.

Susie Clevenger said...

The ice blue light makes me want to visit...lovely post

Margaret said...

Certainly a place I'd love to experience... have softly laved sunlight filtered upon me :)

Susan said...

This is a place I would enjoy visiting--I like its curves, colors, repetitions.

Sam Edge said...

"soft blue ice" inviting - make you forget about the cold

Ella said...

I wish I was there now! Bluetiful :D

Hannah said...

I love your intro for what the prompt was about...thank you, Kay! Also I love the sound play in the paring of Rive/Lives...your closing line feels so soft and peaceful...beautiful write!!

hedgewitch said...

You catch that ice-blue serenity in the photo here very well, Kay. As Kerry said, the soft repetition is soothing and perfect.