Monday, June 17, 2013

What a weird world Tuesday this is

The hills in the distance are in northern Montana.

Concretions stay when the soil around them is washed away.

Wild rose — the official flower of Alberta.

Rose hips on last year's wild rose plant.

People in a photo give an idea of the size of the concretions.

Mourning dove nest

It wasn't a sunny day, but the sky was very interesting.

Photos by Richard Schear, June, 2013

As promised, photos from my husband's trip to Red Rock Coulee, near Seven Persons, Alberta. The Grasslands Naturalists group is introducing him to places he never could have imagined, and he's enjoying it thoroughly.

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Kay said...

These are such fun photos, Kay! That wild rose was everywhere in Japan. They call it hamanasu and had the most delicious soft serve with that flavor.

Lily Hydrangea said...

how cool concretions are - I even like the way the word sounds. it's always nice to learn about something new & unique in the natural environment.

Fran said...

Very interesting and so completely different to anything I have ever seen. I imagined Montana to be long stretches of farmland, all green x

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
...I know, I know, this is off the wall, but those are for all the world like dinosaur droppings right there... &*> Great photos and the no-sun-day actually adds to the rather eerie atmosphere of the place. Super shots. YAM xx

Penelope Puddlisms said...

I had no idea dove eggs were so pure white. What an interesting discovery … along with the brooding skies and concretions! I can see lots of fun (and great pictures ahead for you) exploring with this naturalist group.

Gary said...

Canada is so filled with natural beauty!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Stewart M said...

We have a beach a little way from us with huge red stone balls of various sizes (and shapes!) - they look very similar.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

jabblog said...

Most interesting, and as Lily H says it's always good to learn something.

Rajesh said...

Wonderful set of images from nature.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Fascinating trip -- and closer than much of your usual travel.

Mama Zen said...

Really cool pictures, Kay!

Gattina said...

What a beautiful trip ! Looks like such a gorgeous place !