Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tree-hugging liberal cries for penguin pain

north polar ice is melting
the bears will have to swim,
all the time, or die;
south pole ice is melting, too,
and penguins cannot fly

what can we do?
we can do much
but we will need much help:
individuals, powerless now, 
must convince
the powerful rich
Richard Schear photo
Galapagos Islands, 2006
that polar bears
and penguins*
all will die
and whales
and grizzly bears
lions, cheetahs,
the list goes on,
but the species don’t.

we’re killing this earth,
this planet, our home,
but those in charge
don’t care.

Note: changes in water currents in the Pacific
Ocean will soon deprive the pictured Galapagos
Penguin of the fish which make up its diet.

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Lily Hydrangea said...

The crazy thing is, some people think they are immune & somehow believe they won't be affected themselves, never considering they might be the next ones to become extinct.

VaNdAnA ShArMa said...

Its time we start caring for our earth

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

So true, and well said!

Madeleine Begun Kane

J Cosmo Newbery said...

They don't care because the problem is long term and their period in office is short term.

kaykuala said...

Often times those most deprived are the ones who trigger things off. Nicely Kay!


jabblog said...

So sad,so true but until we all start doing our part, however small, it will not change.

Daryl said...

this whole global warming needs to be addressed

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

Cute cows, puppies, and fabulous photos, but your poetry is the best.
This is a powerful one.
I began teaching the three R's in the early 90s, looking around me, I think we teachers have failed. PM Harper doesn't seem to think that data is important, let alone science.
I fear the direction we head in Canada.
Cheers from Cottage Country!

Marian said...

awesome, Kay! i was so enamoured of the rhymes in the first stanza that i wanted it to keep going that way. but this line is great too: "the list goes on, but the species don't."

Leo said...

Well, we must convince ourselves to do that, and put in that step... for the rich might not be the only people who are causing harm.

Jo said...

I read something so true recently: "Nothing is forever, except extinction." Sad but true. (((Hugs))) Jo

ladyfi said...

So true - such a sad state of affairs.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Kay, the stark and unadorned truth. The penguins, the whales, the bears........all suffering and dying, while The World Turns on fossil fuels and greed. Argh.

Gattina said...

The problem is that they are not there anymore when it happens, so "après moi le déluge" !

aprille said...

Kay, I find it hard to be optimistic and think that it is not yet too late.
The speed is so overwhelming.
What terrific photos your husband takes.
Those first five lines on T-shirts? said...

My two sisters are evidence that, if penguins don't live right in people's back yards, people won't give a hoot. And yes, this tree-hugger (for real, trying to convey the love and respect I have for them) DOES cry for penguins.

But I also call my elected officials and sign a lot of petitions, etc. That's the only way to move their butts. Or maybe take some penguins this winter and let them wander into the halls of Congress, tossing them fish as they go???

A good activist rant in the guise of a more gentle message. Well done, Kay! Amy

diane b said...

So true.

Margaret said...

...greed has always been with us... it's just more advanced these days and the stakes are higher. A hard hitting poem, for sure.

Susie Clevenger said...

It angers me that people just don't get it that to lose these wonderful creatures makes our world less glorious. Thanks for giving them a voice!

Emma Major said...

this is what poetry is all about, calling for change, making a difference and stirring emotions. well done

Maggie Grace said...

I know this sounds "out there" but I do believe a shift in universal consciousness is slowly happening. It must happen. The youth who do care must take over. I send those wishes out every day. Your writing makes me care even more. I get angry when I think about it too much so change the anger to meditative thoughts to the universe.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

I figure that, at the least, I will not be around.
I have done much to call attention to it, yet the right wingers just don't get it.
I live in the 'back off gov't' capital of Ontario, and fear for this world.