Monday, June 17, 2013

Open Link Monday at Real Toads

I had been feeling wretched for a year or more, but I finally got tough with my doctor, who made some changes to my medical regimen, and I have been feeling somewhat better lately.
So I did the obvious thing: too much.
Yes, the average workaholic can be guaranteed to mistake feeling "better" for feeling "well" and jump right in with both feet to get rid of every chore that's been left undone during a long illness.
Foolish workaholics.
And we'll all probably keep doing it, because of the "ism" in workaholism.
Therefore, for Open Link Monday, late in the afternoon, I have nothing to contribute but a limerick. It isn't, however, a leftover from Mad Kane's Limerick-Off, although I did manage to write one for her yesterday. This little ditty was in a folder on my desktop, unused. (The cartoon I found at
Despite the baseball game and the hockey playoffs, I hope to get back to my computer to comment on some of the other Open Link poems.
cartoon by Dick Morgan

There once was a jailer from Baylor
Who ordered his shoes from a mailer—
One shoe was too big
The other quite small,
Now the jailer, he walks like a sailor.

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Jim said...

I like your little ditty limerick, Kay. It was good for you. Have you ever been to Baylor? Our daughter is a Baylor grad and we visited her quite often.
BTW, I have a little ditty limerick today also linked to Monday Toads.

Sam Edge said...


aprille said...

this resonates [ as they say] as i have one foot bigger than the othere, so the choice when buying shoes is... well you can work it out.
Sorry to hear you've overdone it. Feet up, head back and a cup of tea...only cure.

Akila G said...

oh wow! :D

Kerry O'Connor said...

I must admit that I have yet to truly appreciate the limerick form, but I always enjoy your wit, Kay. Love the double dose of rhyme in the last line.

Marian said...

hah! also, rest up, Kay. xo

hedgewitch said...

Laughing, Kay. A very clever and snappy little limerick, with perfect form, which one doesn't see as much as one would think--people can get very sloppy with limericks.

I hope you feel not too much better, if that makes you over-work--but well enough to not feel bad! And one of the things getting older has taught me is to prioritize. Not everything undone is as important as everything else--lots of things can slide a bit longer,to no ill effect, and no one will ever care or even notice. At least around my place. ;_)

Leslie said...

Well, I'm glad you WERE feeling better. Hopefully after you rest up from your overwork, you'll feel better again soon!