Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Preparing to say farewell

“And now, the end is near
 And so I face the final curtain
 My friend, I'll say it clear
 I'll state my case, of which I'm certain
 I've lived a life that's full
 I traveled each and every highway
 And more, much more than this, I did it my way.”

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Lindy's veterinarian is coming over this evening, and we are getting ourselves ready to say goodbye to our Golden girl, but it's impossible to be completely prepared to face the inevitable.
It isn't easy for me, and it's especially difficult for my husband. When Lindy first met him, it was love at first sight, he was completely captivated.
I know she loves me, but she has always loved her daddy best.

Our darling Lindy has lived with us for a good long time now. She came to us from SOS, a wonderful dog rescue organization in the Medicine Hat, Alberta, area. She and another Golden had been living wild for a year or so, and had taken refuge in a barn. The farmer fed them for the winter, but then had to take them to the SPCA. 
Thank heaven for the Medicine Hat SPCA. They phoned SOS, and said the two Goldens were wonderful dogs and would be a welcome addition to any family.

Since then she has been the light of our lives. She has often travelled with us, to visit my family on the west coast of British Columbia and also on other adventures, some as far away as the Grand Canyon.
Lindy loved to travel. However, she wasn't very impressed the first time I took her out for a much-needed break in Arizona, only to find there was no lawn, not even any grass of any kind, just sand, gravel, cacti and other unfriendly plant life. She was not amused.

Now we don't know how much longer we'll have our beloved Lindy, but we will follow her veterinarian's advice. We promised one another we would do everything we could for her as long as she continued to be a happy dog, but now we will do whatever is suggested.
She's been off her feed for several days now, eating a bare minimum, and refusing her medication, including the little pills being presented to her in a tiny peanut butter sandwich.
And she is having trouble walking on uncarpeted floors now, so I went to to the local Home Hardware to get floor coverings of some sort, the kind on a roll, which they sell by the foot.
We'll buy carpet for her, and feed her peanut butter, as long as she's happy. We don’t think she’s suffering...her veterinarian will know more about that...but she doesn’t eat now, she just drinks copious amounts of water, then goes outside to relieve herself.
Kidney disease in a senior dog, my veterinary research says, leads to just this sort of behaviour, and it isn’t going to improve.
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Jo said...

Oh Kay, this is exactly the post I was dreading to read. Please know that we have come to love Lindy through your blog and FB posts and know that you and Dick will do everything to ease her transition across the Rainbow Bridge. Please rub that dear old head for me. (((Hugs))) Jo

Charliedownunder said...

Oh my ...... such a sad time for you both. I am so sorry but I know you will do whatever is best for dear Lindy. You will miss her terribly but what wonderful memories you will have of your times together. What a beautiful girl she is!! Hugs to you and your husband!!

Lady Fi said...

I'm so so sad to hear about your lovely Lindy. Once the heartbreak dulls, you will be left with so many precious memories. You gave her such a good life - I'm so glad you found each other.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari om
Oh Kay and Richard... I just landed back from my travels and find this news. No words can truly ease at times like thus, but do know I hold you and Lindy in my heart and thoughts during these last precious times. YAMxx

Sandra said...

this is my first time here, Jo sent me the link because she knows I share her love of dogs. My heart aches for all of you and prayers going up now for you to make the right decision for her. Our Jake is 12 and he is daddy's boy also. hugs from the USA

Mara said...

Well, since I read your facebook entry, I know you had to let her go and I am so so sorry. I don't usually post about other people's pets, but Lindy is a big part of my Canadian memory and I just had to.

I just want to send you and Richard all the love and hugs and strength you may need.

Lots of love,