Monday, February 13, 2017

My world Tuesday, on Monday

My world today has consisted largely of three things: keeping Lindy happy until her daddy came home because she missed him so much, watching the CBC News, and an hour-long phone call with my best friend, Judith, who has moved back to Canada with her husband, Michael, after they spent more than a few years in in a narrowboat on a canal in England.
So, with her daddy safely home in the early afternoon, Lindy finally ate her breakfast, went out to explore the back yard for a while, and is now happily asleep.
Judith and Mikey are in the throes of a huge snowstorm in Nova Scotia but, once the heat was restored to their big old house, and with Michael beginning to recover from a fall down the back steps and some broken ribs, they are otherwise happy. Who wouldn't be, in a 100-year-old character home on a hill overlooking the ocean? And who wouldn't be happy, sore ribs aside, with this amazing antique kitchen sink in their new (but very old) house?
HOWSOMEVER, as much as I love Lindy, as well as Judith and Michael, neither of the above proved to be the biggie in my world today.
Today, many of you might know, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, (yes, son of another Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau), met with the USA's new president, Donald Trump, for the first time.
And the meeting went well.
Justin was calm, cool, collected, and very handsome. Much more so than his late father, if truth be told, but Donald Trump mentioned the late Pierre Trudeau more than once, saying he liked him and they had been friends.
Whew again. No World War III in my world today.
One never knows, when people of power come together, what will happen. Yes, their speeches might have been carefully scripted, but Justin's smiles were as sincere as his hope that our two nations might continue to get along together. And President Trump's speech writers did a good job, too.
A success for my world Tuesday this Monday.


carol l mckenna said...

Well glad to hear that Trump worked well with your President ~ I am sad to say I am not a supporter of the USA president ~ Glad everything is well in your world ~

Wishing you a Happy Week ~ ^_^

Jim said...

Sydney – City and Suburbs

Lady Fi said...

Your president is such a nice man! And what a lovely old sink.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Well heck - at least something positive is there in the world today. Glad J&M are resettled well and that you could chatter nicely. I's still "oot'n'aboot" globetrotting! More on the anon. YAM xx

magiceye said...

Bozo says Hi to Lindy!

Mara said...

Sometimes the world is a nice place. With enough food in a bowl, a beautiful new sink and a handsome prime minister meeting a president. Let's hope it continues (especially the food).

stardust said...

You’re so fortunate to have such a lovely Lindy, best friend you can chat long, and a nice open-minded national leader with compassion and dignity like Trudeau. I like it when Canada pursue its way differently from America. No more wars, indeed! Have happy and healthy days ahead.


Penelope Puddlisms said...

Wow .. a large character home on a hill overlooking the ocean. I can easily image the wind opening the windows and curtains billowing as waves nearby crash onto the shore. Their new home might be the perfect setting for a novel. As for Justin, he did exceptionally well.

Powell River Books said...

Interesting times for sure. Living on a narrowboat in England must have been exciting. - Margy

Nora said...

Yes the meeting with the President went well. We all watched it and wondered how they would get along. Phew. No big wall then.