Tuesday, February 21, 2017

'Take Two' for Tuesday

Liz at EA Photography/Australia posted photos of rusted machinery in a field in Queensland, Australia. The photo brought back so many memories! Thanks so much, Liz.
So many memories flooding back to me, most of them concerning my much-younger brother Rob, an already talented artist and avid photographer at the age of 14, who accompanied me on an incredible journey in 1982.
My friends had told me I'd be able to stay in Australia much longer if I didn't take "that kid" with me, but I'm glad I took "that kid" because he was a ton of fun, and Queensland wouldn't have been the same without Rob's keen eye pointing out things I might have missed.
I still smile when I think of him saying, "Look at the kookaburra on top of that pole!" and his having to point my head in the right direction. He was and is a treasure in my life.
I also cherish the memory of one day on the coast of Queensland, where we found the Australian racing yacht Gretel, who had been put out to pasture, and was sailing for the first time in her new incarnation as a day-sailer for tourists that very same day.
Image result for Gretel II
I can't go into her entire history because I don't know enough, but I do know I had been a fan for a long time. And there, on board with us as Gretel took us for a short cruise, was a member of her crew from the America's Cup Yacht Race.
I was delighted to be able to discuss the sport with a man so experienced in the history of my all-time favourite racing yacht.

Gretel II was no slouch, either! Do check her out! II

Halvorsen built Gretel vs. Weatherly 1962 America's Cup yacht races, Rhode Island:

Few things rival a sailing-yacht race for beauty combined with daring and excitement!

'Take Two for Tuesday'


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari om
LOL re the racing walker... and now the racing yacht! The latter a fond memory, the former, making memories, fond or otherwise :-) YAM xx (from still the down under parts)

Lovely Gishi said...

Wonderful and precious memories :-) really nice yacht. big one..
Happy Tuesday!

Liz said...

Hi Kay,
Thank you for your lovely comment which was much appreciated. I'm glad I brought back some great memories for you. We do live in Brisbane, Queensland and Noosa Heads on the Sunshine Coast is a favourite place for us to holiday (as is the southern Gold Coast). Your brother and I are similar ages... he sounds like he must have a wonderful eye for photography, I have only had my camera for a little over 4 years and loving it!
My image of the rusted tractor is actually from a historical homestead on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria where I grew up and where my parents still live. There is a link to a previous post with much more information. Have a great week.

Mara said...

Well, you remember what I kept saying when I was in Canada seeing those Badlands you showed me: I wish my sister was here! Travelling on your own may have its merits, but being with somebody else is a gazillion times better, be it a younger brother or sister, a friend or sometimes even a virtual stranger (I consider you the friend by the way).

Penelope Puddlisms said...

Aww … what awesome memories, Kay! I agree completely that your younger brother is a gem. There’s a lot of love going his way in our West Coast neck of the woods too. :)

eileeninmd said...

Hello, Kay! Wonderful story. Australia has always been on my bucket list of places to visit. I would think a cruise on the yacht would be fun too. Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

likeschocolate said...

Sounds like a lovely trip! Have a great week!

Nora said...

I like any story that is about a boat! Sounds like your memories of Australia are wonderful and with your brother too! Memories are all what we have when everything else is gone, so if you have wonderful memories then you are good to go!

Powell River Books said...

Wayne is the one in our family who was bitten by the sailing bug. I go out with him, but I'm a nervous sailor. As long as we don't heel over very far I'm okay, but a strong wind can make me really scared. Wayne is good about managing the sails to stop the boat and get us going on a more even keel. - Margy