Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The smile that won our hearts

This is the photo we fell in love with, when we first checked out the web page for SOS Senior Dog Rescue here in Medicine Hat.
She looked perfect!
Immediately, my husband and I found out where she was being fostered, so we piled into the car, along with with his daughter and our little granddaughter.
We had the address and we hightailed it out there in case someone else got there first.
They had her all tidied up and looking good when we arrived. "Oo," one of us said. "Awwww," said another, and "ohhh!"
"There's the dog for us," we all agreed.
I went into the enclosure to meet her first, elected because I have a long history of dog ownership. She was very nice to me.
Our granddaughter and her mom joined us, and our prospective dog was very nice to them, as well.
Then my husband came in. Well, darned if that dog didn't stand up on her hind legs, put her paws on his chest, and gaze into his eyes.
He was a goner. "We'll take her," we said.
But first, my husband and I had to be interviewed, our house had to be checked, and many answers were demanded of us, including "Where will the dog sleep?" We looked at one another blankly because we hadn't thought that far.
"Will she sleep on the bed with you?"
 Apparently it is a good idea, in some circles, to invite a large dog onto the bed.
We definitely earned demerit points for that one.
"Oh, no," we replied, "but she can sleep beside the bed."
(As it turned out, she wasn't interested in sleeping on a bed with either or both of us. But I digress.)
We all but had to be fingerprinted before we were declared fit for dog ownership, and maybe, for all I know, they had checked us out at the local RCMP detachment.
Finally, we passed the ownership test. But there was a catch...they had named her Lily, and we said we'd have to change that because our next door neighbours had a dog named Lily. We settled on Lindy (named for our then-favourite baseball player in Toronto) and finally brought her home.
What happened next is another story, and will have to wait until my next Our World post because Lindy is wurffling at's time for us to go into the living room. I'm to watch TV while she sleeps on my feet.
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Sherry Blue Sky said...

Wonderful to see you posting, Kay. And I love hearing about Lindy. Jasmine is living her last few days - her tumour is growing aggressively. I know it is the kind thing to do but that does not make it easy. And I know only too well the grief that comes after. These dogs take our hearts with them when they leave. But they bring so much joy while they are here.

Mara said...

She is most definitely a Lindy.

When I got Miss Oswin she was named Sara! I didn't think that was a good idea either. Especially since it's pronounced almost the same to Mara. So, she got a new name as well...

Nora said...

I love reading about Lindy. Our neighbour had a golden and when she had puppies we got one from the breeder. Her father was the top dog in Canada. We all fell in love with our golden but sadly she got cancer and did not live very long. I always felt blame as if I had caused it.Silly I know. I think it would be healing for us to take in an older golden and would if I was not so ill. I really enjoy your Lindy stories. thanks so much for sharing them.

Powell River Books said...

Powell River used to put dogs in foster homes before we had a shelter. I'm sure it was hard to find families willing to do it, but it sounds much nicer for the animals even if we do have a nice shelter. - Margy

Michelle said...

Beautiful dog! We have a 7 month old golden retriever who has completely stolen our hearts. Dogs are such gifts to the world!

Kay said...

Who could pass by that face without loving her?

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I have always love your Lindy posts and it was a joy to read her backstory! Thanks.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

A wonderful adoption story for your sweet Lindy! She is a very pretty dog!