Saturday, January 7, 2017

"hear my old hound dog barking"

I've always been a Creedence Clearwater Revival fan, and I particularly like CCR's John Fogerty, but this blog post isn't about him or them, or Fogerty's Born on the Bayou song...

It's about me, and our dog Lindy, who is old alright, but isn't a hound dog.
My husband doesn't like to wake up during the night, because he can't get back to sleep, but I can. I've had trouble getting to sleep at bedtime, but, once asleep, I can drift off again easily.
For instance, if Lindy barks to go out at midnight, I can get out of bed, let her out the living room door, then lie down on the couch and go back to sleep.
When she scratches at the door to come in, I get up, let her in, wipe her paws (even if they don't need it because that's part of her ritual, and you know how dogs love ritual) then I go back to bed and go to sleep.
Recently, I began hearing Lindy bark once, because that's her signal for "I want out" but, when I get up to let her out, she's sound asleep.
I, obviously, am not.
When this happens, I don't go back to sleep right away because I'm puzzled. I was sure I heard her, and leapt out of bed with more alacrity than usual.
After this mystery had occurred several (or 'more than several' times, to quote Damon Runyon whom I loved long before I'd even heard of John Fogerty) ...but I digress... after I'd hallucinated Lindy barking more than several times, I talked it over with my husband who, wisely (because he's the wise guy around here) asked me if my medications had changed. (He never remembers.)
I said "Not really but, if you remember, the doctor did tell me to take melatonin at bedtime because I have trouble getting to sleep when I first go to bed. But it's not really a medication, just a sleep aid."
Well, we decided that had nothing to do with anything else because, if the doctor said melatonin is not a drug per se, then it wasn't a drug at all.
Being able to fall asleep soon after retiring is wonderful, as far as I'm concerned. Also, I've retained my ability to get up, let the dog out, sleep on the couch until she scratches at the door, wake up, let her in, etc. and go back to bed and go back to sleep.
So, we left the discussion at that, and time went on.

My husband
But, time didn't go on very long before I would once again awaken abruptly, certain I heard a summons from Lindy. And, also once again, I'd find her sound asleep.
I told myself it was an auditory hallucination, and I didn't worry because I didn't think such things existed.
Then I checked up on auditory hallucinations...
Turns out they do exist.
Turns out, too, that hallucinations can be caused by melatonin.
Who knew?
Very scary.
Is it a good idea, then, just to be able to fall asleep more readily? Well, in this one insomniac's opinion, yes.
So far.
If I start sleep-walking and find myself wading through the snow barefoot, I just might change my mind.
Meanwhile, I still love John Fogerty, Damon Runyon, and my husband. Not necessarily in that order.
And I leave you with this mystery, followed by a gratuitous photo of Lindy sleeping.
I'm sorry if this post frightened anyone. It was meant to be fun but I can see how it could be scary.
I'll be sharing a different post with Lady Fi's wonderful meme, Our World Tuesday. Do check it out. Other Tuesdayers aren't nearly as verbose as I am, and their photos are more scenic, except for the one of my husband, above, which was taken in Bora Bora.


Mr Puddy said...

Kay, You are a lucky person in da world !
my mom is like your hubby. Last night, my dad went out because his friends from Melbourne are here so they have boyz night but he forgot to take house key with him. Mom has to get up at 2.30 am. ( Me too ) to open the gate ( I wait at the door ) then we all go back to sleep. Mom takes a while, me & dad like you. The Lucky one =^x^=
Have a great weekend

Jo said...

Oh Kay, that sounds more sleep-disturbing thank not sleeping immediately.

Mara said...

It could also be that Miss Lindy has begun barking in her sleep? Sleepbarking so to speak (no pun intended). Would that be a possibility as well?

Gattina said...

When I read this I thought that Lindy started to "talk" in her sleep, because my 18 year old cat does. But if that is your medication then be careful, I never take a pill without reading the whole notice ! If ever you start sleep walking, just tie your foot with a rope on the bed and you will wake up when you want to go out of the bed. I had friend who did sleep that way!

Phil Slade said...

Good Morning Kay. Wishing you, Richard and Lindy a Happy New Year.

These dogs and pets really almost take over our lives don't they? Daughter Joanne's black lab is just the same in deciding when she goes out, comes in and eats. And if she's not in the mood for a walk she will let us know by moving very slowly or just putting her backside down and refusing to budge until we turn around and head back.

Never knew that about melatonin. Remind me not to take it.

All the best from Sue and I. XX.

Lady Fi said...

What about long-term effects of melatonin? Are there any? I know I tried it for jet lag once but I felt bad so stopped.

So glad to hear Lindy is happy!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Laughing about your last paragraph (there are different kinds of love, right?) ....

I've taken Melatonin for a few years and blessedly it works -- so far no auditory hallucinations or any effects other than the amazing ability to sleep. It is interesting that your Dr recommended it, because neither of mine have ever heard of it apparently. I self-diagnosed and self-prescribed. (And oh, wait, right, I forgot, you live in a more advanced country, where Big Pharm doesn't rule and natural remedies are encouraged.) But don't let me get up on my soapbox.

Jenn Jilks said...

Good grief! What a time. Daisy's been doing the same thing. She doesn't really want out, though. She want to play.
I CANNOT get back to sleep most times and listen to overnight CBC. After an hour...

Rajesh said...

This is interrsting.

Andrea said...

Oh i thought it was just a funny story about yourself and Lindy. However, i realized it is a big deal or maybe "scary"as you said! I haven't read that melatonin causes such unusual hallucinations, not even with I thought first maybe it is in life's stages, but when you said that i thought about my sister who often cannot sleep as she intends to, slept only for very less hours. She takes melatonin sometomes. Oh i hope it doesn't happen to all people. Take care.

Kay L. Davies said...
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Kay L. Davies said...

I'm sorry if I scared any of you about the melatonin. As a matter of fact, it was intended to be humorous but I understand how it could be scary. I'll write a different post for Our World Tuesday, because there's no point in scaring others.