Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Still just posting Lindy pix

Until I'm sure Blogger and my computer are getting along well together, I'm just going to post Lindy pictures and not bother trying to write anything original, poetic, or exciting.
Of course, we thought this picture was exciting because her foster mom was getting her all spiffed up to come home with us. Her foster mother had already visited us to make sure we could pass the adopt-a-dog test.
She asked a lot of questions, and checked out our house and yard before giving us a silver star rating. We didn't get a gold star because we answered "no" when asked if the dog would sleep on our bed with us.
We were rated "okay" otherwise.

Even before she came home with us,
it was evident Lindy would be a Daddy's Girl, and she is.

Photo, Kay Davies, September, 2009

For now, until Blogger shows itself to be behaving properly,
Lindy's mom will continue to post Lindy Pix.


Lady Fi said...

Awww - she is adorable! And quite slim too at that age!

Mara said...

So, if you would have had her sleep on your bed, you would have been gold star people? Rubbish! You take in a beautiful dog and give her a home she very much needed. She has loving parents, space and a floor to get lost in. Food, care, cuddles, sofa. You should have had a platinum star!

The Chair Speaks said...

Lindy's beautiful! Purrs and headbutts from us!

magiceye said...

I agree with Mara and endorse what she said!

Gattina said...

What is so terrible with Blogger ? I had some troubles when I started to download pictures with Blogger, because they automatically went in the middle and were small, now I found out it works correctly.
Reading about Lindy is fun ! She is a little big to sleep in your bed. Charlie sleeps at the entrance door of the bedroom on a carpet. He never wants to go into a bed, it's too warm ! Apparently from all of Nicole's friends he loves me and he shows it ! I am the only one with whom he would go away on a leash.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

You have a wonderful Lindy archive that will keep us all happy until you get your blogger bugs worked out. You aren't the only blogger I've read today who is having problems. Since I blog on a different platform (Typepad) I have nothing to add that could help. Except that it has had it's problems off and on too -- and I know that Wordpress has had too. I do hope Blogger gets fixed soon, because I know it's frustrating. We're happy looking at all Lindy all the time, but I also know that you have so much to say and teach us and I love that too.

Powell River Books said...

Lindy pics are always good. - Margy

Jenn Jilks said...

Such a loving pup!