Saturday, February 22, 2014

Wet weekend reflections

Kay Davies photo, February 2014

Such a dreary sight to see, but it gets worse. Yes, the house across the street was reflected in the water the other day. But the water didn't go away. Our corner won't have storm drains until later this year. So, the water can't go away. Night comes, with temperatures below freezing, and the water becomes ice.
Then, large vehicles drive on the icy street, and the ice gets crushed into ridges and depressions. If it doesn't melt during the day, it re-freezes overnight, and the ridges become permanent. Smaller vehicles do not navigate it happily, but they navigate it with a crunching noise that always gets my attention.

Posted for Weekend Reflections hosted by James of Something Sighted.
Thanks, James!

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Jo said...

Apart from the irritating situation, that is a beautiful reflection. Hugs to you all. Jo

Mara said...

Love the reflection, but those ridges sound quite bad. They can really ruin a car as well!

Oman said...

it is a beautiful reflection. thanks for sharing.

RedPat said...

The unpleasant part of winter.

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

A bit worrisome, isn't it?!
Our major dump of rain has left a pond puddle under the pine tree. While we live in the middle of a wetland, the house is on a bit of a rise. I'm ready for a good melt, though.