Sunday, February 2, 2014

Succinctly yours: the best buns in town

Prompt photo provided
Each week at Grandma's Goulash, Grandma posts a photo for Succinctly Yours, while her daughter, without seeing the photo, suggests the word of the week. This week's word is "fragrant".

Participants are invited to use the photo as a prompt for a short story of 140 words or less, or a short-short story of a mere 140 characters or less, including punctuation and spaces.

Here is my short short story of 133 characters, including spaces and punctuation:
With her favorite fragrant ink, the queen signed a new law: none but young men could wear tights, because they had the tightest buns.

Interesting News: this marks 150 weeks of Succinctly Yours! Congratulations to Grandma and Calico and the core of regular participants (of which I haven't been one for some time, unfortunately).


John (@bookdreamer) said...

Why oh my

Judy SheldonWalker said...

You provided a good chuckle with this one! Hope you are feeling better and more refreshed.

Pat said...

Thanks for the laughs, Kay! Only certain people can wear tights and look good.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
A queen of wisdom!!

...and thanks - I discoverd Grandma through you!! YAM xx

Jim said...

You've got a dirty old lady here, Kay. Like others we hear about, this lady is using her position for her own lusts.

Tammy said...

Proof that the world needs more queens in power! You made me laugh heartily at this one, Kay. What a gift.