Friday, February 21, 2014

Answering Corey's tape challenge at Toads

Sam Cooke
As a poetry challenge to members and contributors at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, Corey (aka Herotomost) has asked us to "talk about the age old romantic art of arranging mix tapes for your mad crush" which, by its very definition, makes me reveal something about my age, or at least about my generation. Yes, I'm "one of those"... a baby boomer heading rapidly into old age but not quite there yet.
And yes, just ask my husband, I did make one of those tapes. I have no idea where it is now, and if I happened to find it, I couldn't play it without finding my good old ghetto-blaster which, with our most recent household renovation project, has disappeared into a box somewhere.
Brook Benton
So the tape is lost, either in the detritus, or in a box in the garage.
Sigh again.
However, through due diligence and a lot of luck, I managed to come up with something.

Dean Martin

time can do so much

are you still mine?
oh, the hours I spent
making that tape—
poor little fool
at first I thought it was
but after
one night
Bobby Darin
of unchained melody
by love’s light
I knew
a change was gonna come
it was just a matter of time
before you’d
come softly to me,
dream lover, and
bring it on home to me...
I’ve hungered for your touch
Bobby Hatfield and
Bill Medley,
The Righteous Brothers
a long lonely time
now I know
I won’t be afraid
as long as you stand by me.
what a wonderful world
this will be...
twistin’ the night away.

Kay Davies, February 21, 2014


Kerry O'Connor said...

What a delightful mix of lyrics and romance (and some fine looking men)!

Ella said...

I love all the titles weaved throughout aligning your message~
Cleverly done!
Sweet memories croon through your words~

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh yes, THOSE were the days when love felt like all the songs.....drea-ea-ea-ea-eam, dream, dream, dream!" 64 Chevvies, guys in ducktails, A&W servers on roller skates. Yup.

Herotomost said...

You are a master at the lyric weaving loom!!! Those were some great tunes, each and everyone.I think it is more the time and the thought put into a mix tape project that sells more so than the music, but its the music that ties on the new heart strings, strings that even with time and age can still hold fast. Beautiful Kay, I love it when you play!!!

Helen said...

Two things I know for darned sure ~~ I love your mixed tape poem and we are SO the same generation!

Anonymous said...

A beautiful, lyrical journey, indeed.

Sam Edge Author said...

YOu've done a great job of weaving lyrics into your own work here Kay.

SquirrelQueen said...

Since I recognize every single song reference in your poem I suspect we also are of the same generation. :)

Susie Clevenger said...

I love this Mixed tape verse!! I am singing every song you included in this!!

Anonymous said...

smiles, Kay - I think you've brought the songs back to life even if the tape is buried ~