Wednesday, July 13, 2011

MicroFiction Muse 15 — like a gazelle

Photo courtesy Pat and Jerry
The spectators paid little attention. As the contestant leapt like a gazelle over the yellow tape, someone asked, "Broad jump or high jump?"
140 characters

Posted for Diane Estrella's
Muse #15

If I use the more politically correct "long jump" it's only 139 characters. To see how other writer-bloggers responded to the invitation to write about the photo in 140 characters or less, including spaces and punctuation, please click


Diane said...

Either way, I think little Timmy is a winner! Great take and he certainly "got some air" on that one! :O)

magiceye said...

that was brilliant!!

Lolamouse said...

Great response to the prompt! As a child during field days, my high jumps were not very high and my broad jumps not so broad!

SquirrelQueen said...

I think this young man might want to consider a career in professional dancing, he is oh so graceful.

jabblog said...

. . . or is it triple jump (which I still prefer to call hop, skip and jump;-))

glnroz said...

Broad jump is what I have always called it, but I can see the "correcteness" of Long Jump.. lol Thanks for comeing by my site. You are invited to visit anytime. Thanks Glenn

5thsister said...

Loved it! You want to know something? I didn't even notice the yellow tape until you mentioned it!

Ann said...

You caught them right when he was jumping, great job.