Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Thursday Theme Song, good golly...


Good golly, Miss Collie, you sure like to bark,
Good golly, Miss Collie, you sure like to bark,
When you’re barkin’ and a-howlin’
You can’t hear your owner call.
From the early, early mornin’
  ’til the early, early night,
You can hear Miss Collie barkin’
  like to give me a fright.
Good golly, Miss Collie, you sure like to bark,
When you’re barkin’ and a-yowlin’
You can’t hear your owner call.

This You Tube clip features Little Richard’s original 1956 recording of his greatest hit, Good Golly, Miss Molly.

In my opinion, this version typifies 1950s rock’n’roll in a way few others can.
However, the song has also been performed by Jerry Lee Lewis, Creedence Clearwater Revival, the Swinging Blue Jeans, the Doo Wop group 'The Valiants', and others, including this performance by Little Richard himself along with Tom Jones, seen here on YouTube:
I’d like to thank my good friends Deb and Randy Stuber for the use of these wonderful photos of their girls: their two lovely show Collies, renowned for their beauty and not  for barking as my parody implies. No dogs were harmed in the making of this blog post.

Posted for Hootin' Anni's musical meme, Thursday Theme Song.
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Kay said...

Such a cute post and such beautiful collies! I can see why they're show dogs.

Frostbite and Sunburn said...

Good golly - what a couple of cuties!

Powell River Books said...

Those are beautiful dogs. Such beautiful coats. I bet they get lots of brushing. - Margy

SquirrelQueen said...

I love this Kay, what a great song for these lovely collies. They are beautiful dogs.

That's a fun video on Youtube, Little Richard and Tom Jones are great together.

Evelyn said...

Oh those beautiful collies! And the song by Little Richard, he gave his heart out with the rendition! You are so creative with words, Kay.

Ebie said...

Hehehe, I dont know how it happened, but I signed with my real name. Silly me, typing too fast.

Anonymous said...

These two collies are very spoilled too,and our children:)I love what you wrote Kay you are very talented.

Mr Puddy said...

Kay, You made me feel like I visit the wrong world " Too many woofies here !!!! even they are so beautiful, I still can't trust them. I only trust, Lindy and Dick !
I hope you do understand : )

Fran said...

what beautiful dogs and I love your version of the song x

Cezar and Léia said...

Adorable collies there!
I love Little Richard playing the piano in the video, it's AMAZING!

Gattina said...

They are such friendly dogs, I don't participate in this meme because I always listen to the music and don't pay attention to the words or the title or the singer !

Mara said...

I'm humming! (Anymore and the cats will protest...)

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Fabulous!!! Oh and the video...Tom Jones? Whoa.

Beautiful Collies too. You always treat us to great fun for Thursday.

My Thursday Themesong link: Zip a dee doo dah

My oh my...have a wonderful day!!!!!

Dianne said...

I love their kind and wise faces
the take on the song is wonderful

jabblog said...

Such beautiful dogs! Naturally, they're perfectly behaved, being show dogs:-)
re: garlic - we eat tons of the stuff. We're not nice to be near but we are fit;-)

Lily Hydrangea said...

Wow, Tom Jones & Little Richard! how cool are they?
They really know how to belt it out eh?

Madi and Mom said...

Kaye what a clever and well done Thursday Theme song!!!

The collies are absolutely stunning!!!

Thank their owners from me also for letting you use their pictures.

Madi and Mom

Martha Z said...

They are beautiful but they can't compare to Miss Lindy.

ros@dimaggio63 said...

Fantastici questi Collie !
Bellissimi cani :)
Buona giornata :)