Friday, March 25, 2011

J is for Jade, beautiful Chinese Jade

When in China in 2008, we visited a Jade museum and a jade carving shop. It was fascinating to see the workers start on a piece of art that could end up looking as beautiful as one of these sculptures.
Here I am at the Jade Museum near a tree full of pink jade flowers.

Photos by Kay Davies and Richard Schear

Click on photos to enlarge.
Can you see the letter J in the clouds?
Posted for the letter "J" in Mrs. Nesbitt's alphabetical meme,  ABC Wednesday, hosted each week by her talented team. To see how others around the world have chosen to use the letter J, please click HERE!

To all of my blogging friends, please excuse me if I haven't been able to comment on your posts recently, but we are traveling again and cannot always get internet access. I am trying to keep up with ABC Wednesday, at least, in order to maintain continuity. So here I am, better late than never.
-- K


Roger Owen Green said...

Glad you made it.
My niece's middle name is Jade.
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

aka Penelope said...

These are very impressive examples of Jade, Kay! In BC, of course, I am most familiar with the deep green jade. So it was interesting to see this stone in various forms and shades. Hope your trip has been a success so far and look forward to hearing all about it when you return. :)

Lynn said...

Amazing artistry!

Leslie said...

That tree made of pink jade! Amazing!!!

BlossomFlowerGirl said...

The jade carvings in the large photo are wonderful. I too had the good fortune to visit a jade factory in Thailand (not that I could afford to buy any of it) and yes, it is just so amazing seeing the artist/cutter take a jagged piece and turn it into something beautiful.

wenn said...

ya, i hv been there..

Cezar and Léia said...

It must take an incredible amount of patience to produce these fine pieces... Admirable!
God bless you!

Tiger85 said...

Wow, these are really beautiful sculptures. I wish I could travel more. =)

Kay said...

Wow! That is very impressive. I wonder if you managed to bring back some jade souvenirs. :-) I hope you're having a great time right now.

RNSANE said...

My stepfather ( now retired as a full colonel in the Army ) was stationed in Thailand years ago - my mother went for six months. All the officer's wives were given a beautiful huge jade ring, carved from a gigantic solid piece of jade, a family stone owned by one of the Thai officers. I have that ring now and it is a treasure.

Aditi said...


Lisa RedWillow said...

Gorgeous. I love the Jade. I have some Jade and I think my fav is a heart I got from my Mom when she was down in South America . Im wore it in Hawaii. I thikn its in one of my photos.
Loved this blog too.