Monday, December 27, 2010

There might be something to eat down there! This Pet has no Pride

    What you see here is most of our dog. The above-ground bits. Her head is the below-ground bit. She thinks she has found something interesting in the spring grass, perhaps something edible, despite being fed three meals a day plus vegetable snacks, with yogurt every morning and evening, plus a probiotic capsule for her digestion.
    But we love Lindy.
    Her curls are so pretty and she is so sweet, except when she's whining and sniveling at the fridge, hoping for veggies; or when she's digging a hole in the prairie, hoping to find a gopher.
    Thank goodness for winter, she very seldom digs for gophers in winter, especially when it is snowy.

Posted for the Pet Pride meme, hosted every week by Bozo and his people in Mumbai.
Lindy likes Bozo, but Bozo probably doesn't remember Lindy exists.


FilipBlog said...

A fact of life, Golden Retrievers do anything for food.


Julie said...

She is indeed a gorgeous animal. The concept of digging for gophers is a worry to this Aussie.

Gattina said...

Hahaha, a headless dog !