Saturday, November 19, 2016

Unfittie gets unfitter but has a lot of fun doing so

Hello, unfittie-fans...if there are any of you left out there after my latest long absence, I have a good excuse.
I was visiting my blog friend Yam, of the blog Doses of Wild Yam, who took me all over the Scottish highlands, where we had a wondrous time, didn't we, Yam? I sure did, anyway.
After an overnight in Glasgow I dropped in to meet blog friend Phil of Another Bird Blog, and his lovely wife Sue, on my way down to the middle of England. They took me to Kay's Chippy in Knott-End-on-Sea, where I do believe we all enjoyed ourselves. Thanks again, Phil and Sue!
Then (yes, there's more) I took a train to Rugby and got myself a room at the Wheatsheaf Pub in Crick, which, if it isn't the middle of England, it was close enough for me to spend some quality time with my lifetime friend Judith and her husband who live in a narrowboat on a canal in Yelvertoft.
I kid you not.
Plus, my brother Rob's lifetime friend Michael Bratley and his wife Michaela (yes, no typo) came down to Crick to visit me.
It was a wonderful trip.
However, what with the time difference when I flew home two weeks later from Barcelona, following an Aegean/Mediterranean cruise with my darlin' husband, and the fact that I didn't sleep a wink on the flight from the dreaded London Heathrow to Calgary, Alberta, I am now exhausted. And my poor husband is still on his way home, having missed the flight to Medicine Hat by about two minutes, and who is now driving home with another missed passenger.
All in all, a wonderful time was had by all, but this one is exhausted, having been awake for 36 hours or something that felt that way.
More will be revealed, however, when I wake up..maybe today, maybe tomorrow, but there are a lot of posts and pix to come, not to mention our darlin' dog Lindy, who hasn't come home from her Auntie Gayle and Uncle Larry's house, where she vacations when we're away. She had a wonderful time. But she misses tummy-rubbing time with her daddy, I'm sure.

Okay, one last new favourite place is Montenegro. On the Aegean, south of Croatia, absolutely stunning place.

And another very last hint...the bowels of Heathrow Airport, where they park wheelchair passengers in order to yell at them ("Are you sure you're not carrying any liquids, because, if you are...") and then forget them entirely (oh, we might miss your flight, you should have told us) might be looking somewhat spiffier but the lack of service remains the same. If you have to go there, be afraid, be very afraid.

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Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Re the last bit first... Google is only now putting up those notices which, for all of us resident in the EU (yes UK is still there, just) means we get stuff all over the top of our screens announcing that cookies are used... more correctly, they are only now telling us, but they have actually been on blogs for about 18 months. Have already posted about it for next Thursday. Just click the 'x' box top right and get rid of the notifications. The other things is that we are all on httpS now - which is fine.

back to the fun bit - YES WE HAD LOTS OF FUN!!! I look forward to reading about the bits you did after leaving here... but rest well first. And give Lindy lots of Love. &*> YAM xx

Mara said...

When we were travelling through Europe, every new country bombarded us with the same thing: cookies!

That holiday of yours sounds fantastic, albeit very very tiring. Says a person who was up before the crack of dawn, worked all day and then went to a party at night.

Welcome back anyway.

Powell River Books said...

The cookie thing seems be a big thing. I couldn't figure it out so wrote notices on all of our blogs. I'm up to four of them now. Pretty hard to keep them all going. Now getting a room in a pub sounds pretty good to me. I wouldn't have to go far for a good brew. Glad you had a great trip. I'm sure Lindy is glad to have both of you home. - Margy

Phil Slade said...

Hi Kay. Are you awake yet? I see your trip back was not without incident and I hope Richard made it back, if a little late.

I hope you received the pics from Knott End? It was so good to meet a fellow blogger, the first one in real life in almost ten years of Google.

I must apolgise on behalf of English people for Heathrow Airport. You must remember that London, (and a tip for anyone else readintg this), is no longer England. I know everyone wants to see the sights of London, in your case airports and train stations but it's a place to avoid and no one ver gets to see the Queen. The real Engand and Scotland are the people and places you found on the rest of your journey.

All the best.

The Chair Speaks said...

So glad you had your vacation. Bet Lindy miss you lots.
Received the same notice from blogger and don't really comprehend it.

Phil Slade said...

Just checking if you got my comment Kay? If you didn't get the photos I sent, let me know.

Jenn Jilks said...

You have so many friends! All over the world!